Case 68: Female, 17 years old

Xrays before and after 68Results of a 17 year old Chinese girl who completed the 3 month local program. Her curvature was 45 degrees and her bone already reached skeletal maturity. A ScolioAlign™ 3D brace and home exercises we given to her to do at home on top of the once a week therapies in the clinic.

The mum was concerned as she was not very diligent with doing her home exercises or putting on the brace. However we saw a reduction in her scoliosis degree which after care is now 39 degrees.

Most importantly her posture and look of her back improved. Her shoulders look more balanced, her body is not leaning to the right as much and her hips are more even. This has motivated her to continue the treatment and we hope the next results x-ray and pictures will be better with her new found motivation.

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