Case 31: Female, 15 years old

Xrays before and after 31 ENAmazing results after 1 year of treatment with Dr Kevin Lau for this 15 year old girl. She started treatment when she was only 14 and after one year she has made good progress. This patient was diligently wearing the 3D Brace and doing her exercises to improve her scoliosis with fantastic results. One major concern patients typically have is understanding if the correction done by Dr Kevin Lau is if the results are temporary or permanent. Yes corrections are permanent!

I’m happy to also report that this patients specialist at KK hospital who monitors her case as well agreed that she should continue using our methods and care under Dr Kevin Lau. All too often we hear that the attending professors don’t understand the treatment Dr Kevin Lau and how it is different to the many treatments around. This treatment is not chiropractic based or like pilates or Clear methods! But a new treatment which we call ScolioLife Treatment Method and like most treatments the commitment and dedication from the patient is the key to success and for that we congratulate her efforts!