Case 109: Female, 38years old

Xrays before and after 109Today we share the amazing results of a 38-year-old patient who was living in Singapore but went back home before COVID struck and was subsequently stuck in India. As international borders closed she continued with her scoliosis treatment at home using the exercises and ScolioAlign brace as directed by Dr Kevin Lau.

We would organize 6 monthly reviews via zoom to follow up on her progress along with updating her program. As she cannot take X-rays due to the worsening COVID situation in India, we instructed her to take a photo of her back so we can compare it to the one she took with us a year ago. We are happy to see that her shoulders are more balanced and her body was more centered even with home treatment. The hump on the right side of her upper back is noticeably reduced and more symmetrical as well.

We congratulate her on the results achieved during a difficult year due to COVID. We hope once the situations get better we will see you in person soon.

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