Cas 122 : Femme de 12 ans

Xrays before and after 93The age range from 10 to 16 is one of the most crucial periods for someone with scoliosis, as this is when the curve is likely to progress the most. This is why it is always recommended not to wait for the curvature to get worse, but to be proactive even if it is mild. Today’s x-ray results are from a girl who came to us aged 12 with 43 degree scoliosis. She was recommended surgery, but the mom wanted to avoid that and found Dr. Kevin Lau.

After two years of weekly treatments and use of the ScolioAlign brace, we are happy to report that her daughter’s scoliosis, now at 32 degrees, is not in surgical range. Thank you for the hard work and commitment you show to achieve such remarkable results.