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Top 10 Mobile Apps for Health

Apple’s App Store offers some of the most amazing applications in the market. People download application almost in every category. Moreover, there have been so many innovations in the recent years that it is very difficult to choose which application is the best. Everyone has their own top 10 list based on what they have seen. However, we bring to you a thoroughly studied list of medical application that can be useful for everyone. These apps are will provide you all the required tools for adopting a better and fitter lifestyle. Let’s explore more about it.

1.Lose It: As the name suggests this iPhone application is for people who want to lose weight to stay healthier. It helps you to count the calorie intake with a calorie count list for many foods. Moreover, this iPhone app also provides calorie count from the most popular restaurant menus too. Lose It is easy to use and offers date wise calorie intake record. So now you can easily keep a track at the number of calories taken so losing weight becomes much easier.

2.iBody: iBody is an all rounder application that provides you great healthcare features. This application is an award winning health manager that provides on categories like weight, blood pressure, fitness and tracking. You can easily track the blood pressure levels, weight with BMI, body fat, water, muscles and WHR. Moreover, the fitness guide will provide workout diary about your length, time and sports. iBody is a great application to have in your iPhone for an all round healthcare.

3.ScolioTrack: This application made it to this spot because of the smart digitized scoliometer that helps people track the personal progression of scoliosis. Notably, scoliosis is an abnormal lateral curvature of spine, it can curve from the middle or sideways. And this amazing iPhone application, besides tracking, also helps the users to save the data in their phones for future use. They can make a record of age, height, weight and picture of back. Moreover, an android version and iPad Pro version will be soon available in the market which will increase the number of downloads for this app in the medical and health application category. Therefore, for a better record and self track of scoliosis, use this application.

4.iStayFit: After the healthcare manager, we have a fitness care manager on number three at our list. iStayFit is an application that provides you the ability to design your own work out and fitness program. However, you always have gym instructor to guide you about the workout program but if you workout at home or want to create your own regime then iStayFit will show you what exercises to take and how to do them as there are animated images which illustrate the exercises in a neat way. Users can also set targets for weights used in the specific exercise with number of reps they want to perform. Furthermore, you can create logs of the exercise and see what your progress is during the recent days. So if you are looking for a fitness expert to be with you at all times then download this one.

5.Medical Radio: So what’s the best way of getting informed about the latest trends on updates in the medical field? It is definitely Medical Radio. This iPhone app is a product of ReachMD, which is very famous for its XM Satellite Radio broadcast feeds. The medical field is ever changing so it is really helpful to have such a medical radio application so one can be a part of informative and useful medical talks with the experts. The key features on this application are good discussions, primary care topics, easy to understand talks for people who have less knowledge on the topic and quick to load without eating up your time. So if you want to get some better insights in the medical field then download this app.

6. Whole Foods Market Recipes: Now you don’t have to navigate to the health recipe pages over the internet over and over again as Whole Foods Market Recipes will provide everything on your iPhone. Moreover, you get recipes on specific criteria so the search becomes very easy and you don’t have to be extra careful about sugar, allergies, sodium, fats etc as the application will sought everything for you. Furthermore, the application can also suggest recipes according to the ingredients that are available in your house so you don’t have to decide a lot of things.

7. My Last Cigarette: Finally, there is an amazing application that can help smoker quit their cigarettes effectively. My Last Cigarette is specially developed for iPhone which was earlier quit smoking software. This application has helped thousands of people to quit smoking and if someone is really serious about quitting it then this app will show tremendous support. It will help you to track the number of cigarettes you are smoking and will also provide the harm you are doing for your body by smoking. Moreover, you will also get random images of diseases caused by smoking.

8. GoodFoodNearYou: If you are a fitness freak then the most difficult situations arise when you have to travel at a new place and cannot find the food of your choice. This app has been developed for these kinds of problems only, whether you are on road or a new city now GoodFoodNearYou will provide all the required information with locations with healthy food destinations near you. Furthermore, it provides maps to reach that location with the address and phone numbers. You can even track the calorie intake.

9. iTreadmill: We have a couple of apps in this list which track the calorie intake and now iTradmill will help you to track the number of calories burnt on your treadmill or jogging outside. You can record the distance travelled, speed, time, steps and calories used. iTreadmill also saves your previous records to check out your progress. Additional features include graphs to analyse workout better and music with playlists.

10. Everyday Health: Every now and then we get paranoid about an allergy or other disorder and think what are the symptoms of this disease? Am I having certain allergy? The answer to this question is Everyday Health app. It provides general health information about 50 medical conditions which includes eating disorders, allergies, lung cancer, yeast infections and many others. You can scroll and click on any category to get detailed information about it. Moreover you can access health tips, expert answers from professionals and nutrition value of various foods. You can download this app on your iPhone or iPad and access the great pool of knowledge about the health conditions.


This list is our view of on the best health and medical applications for iPhones available on the App store. However, if you want detailed info about any of these products then find an online catalog or visit the website for the application. Most of the applications are suitable for everyone and will surely help you adopt a healthier lifestyle. From calorie counter to calorie burnt tracker and from recipes to workout manager you can find everything in this list for personal healthcare.

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