I was first diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of eleven. My spine had a significant deterioration of the spine at 38 degrees in the lower curve and 40 degrees in the upper curve. My doctors were extremely concerned at the severity although I didn’t suffer from any pain at the time. I only noticed my shoulders and hips appeared uneven. The only options my doctor offere to improve my condition were wearing a brace or surgery. Immediately my life changed, and I was no longer a carefree child.

After wearing the brace for several years I still didn’t notice any improvement. In fact, my curvature worsened. It was very uncomfortable to wear and yet my scoliosis continued to progress. I tried some traditional Chinese medicinal practices as well as physiotherapy, but nothing eased my pain or lessened my curves. I was extremely frightened of surgery but I knew that I would eventually have to endure it. I lost hope for any improvement without surgery.

By the time I found Dr. Lau my spinal curves were 50 degrees and corrective surgery was imminent. I couldn’t believe his stories of success. I hopefully began his exercises, and I’ve noticed a 5 degree improvement in both curves. This was tremendous success for me considering my treatment occurred during the O level period and that I was extremely busy with schoolwork. My back feels much stronger, and now my shoulders and hips are level. Dr. Lau has restored my hope. I expect even greater success in the future.

L. Si Hui

L. Si Hui
18yr old, Student

When I was 12 years old, the government sent nurses to each school to do a scoliosis check up on all students. But I was the only one being called out to a tiny room. The nurses inside all looked at me with a worried look. I never forget that day. They asked me to bend down and confirmed that I have scoliosis. I was send to the General Hospital and was told by the doctor to wear a brace to stabilize the condition.

Initially wearing the brace was very painful. The hard plastic edge of the brace was always cutting my flesh, especially on both sides of the hip bones. It hurt so much even when I move my body, let alone walking. Over time, the flesh give way, the skin there becomes loose and disfigured to get used to the rubbing of the brace. As I have to wear the brace almost 23 hours every day, the skin trapped inside the brace become different and tears off easily. The sweat trapped inside the brace worsens it all. The smell of it was horrid and I can still remember till now. I always felt so hot and itchy when I started to sweat. But once I scratch it, I regretted it so badly. For the braced skin had deteriorated into so fragile and weak that once being scratch, it tears off so easily. And the wound could even ooze out yellowish discharge and sometimes even blood. It makes the smell even horrid. I felt like one walking corpse. The doctor could do nothing. Even I myself despised my own body. But I could not go without the brace. I still have to force myself to wear it. It was the only hope I had during that time to escape from operation.

In secondary school, my personality had changed. I become quiet, always hiding in the shadow. Everyone, including the teachers would give me a pathetic look. It is the pity and weird look they had on me that made me feel I am a freak. Being isolated, I soon become the easy target of school bullies. They are actually the top students from wealthy families. The principal and teachers doted on them, and entitled them as prefects. But behind the scene, they always like to pick on me, pushing me and I suffered bleeding bruises. But no teachers believed me. I was only a freak in their eyes. I went through all these at the age of 13, alone and quietly. The most painful part of wearing the brace is not my body, but my heart.

When I was 19, the doctor discharged me. He said my condition has stabilized and can go without the brace. It was the happiest day of my life. Thereafter, my skin recovered fully and is now all velvet smooth. But the backache that I suffered while I was on brace continues to turmoil me. I tried massage, heat therapy and plasters, but they only provide temporary relief. When I was 24, I went back to my doctor whom set up his own clinic in Mount Elizabeth Hospital. But he said I have scoliosis, it cannot be helped. I can only live with the severe backache.

In 2009, God asked me to get up from bed one night to check my mail. I did not understand as I never checked my yahoo mail. But I obey. And I saw Dr. Kevin Lau website. It simply blows up my mind. It is too good too wonderful to be true. Doubts and fear set in. For all these years I was used to live in hopelessness. And all of a sudden, hope appears out of nowhere. It is the fear of taking that step forward to hold on to that hope. Everyone around me is skeptical about it. After months, I finally took up the courage to call Dr Lau’s Clinic.

On the first visit, Dr Kevin is kind, humble and caring. He looked so different from what he appears on his website. But it is the shocking confidence in him that he can correct my scoliosis that makes me believe in miracle. To me, he is an inspiration himself. Without further ado, I took up a program for correction. I was totally committed. He taught me that exercise and nutrition play an important role too. He could lend me books to educate me on my own self healing. He is always so willing to teach me whatever I asked. He would diligently put up articles on his website and health blog to educate his patients for our own health being. He was being interviewed on radio, on TV and on newspapers. His book contains all the knowledge we scoliosis sufferers need to know comprehensively. It also contained evolutionary truths that will improve our health greatly.

During the treatments, my posture improved greatly and I do not slouch anymore. I followed his recommended diet, and I experience great change. My eyesight improved from 500 to 450 degrees over the 6 month period. My stamina improved greatly and I do not get so tired and restless easily. I do not fall sick, which I usually do. My skin complexion improve so much that I need no makeup anymore. Everyone find me getting taller too. My backache also improved over time. Most importantly, I gained back my self confidence.

After six months treatments, my upper curve of my ‘S’ shaped spine improved from 36 to 30 degrees. The lower curve improved from 35 to 26 degrees. The total 15 degrees is a miracle to me. It is a dream comes true. My hope was fulfilled. I am deeply in great multitude of gratitude to Dr Kevin.

Not only correcting my scoliosis, he imparted his relentlessly strong positive belief that changed my whole outlook in life. All things are possible if you dare to believe.

Lim Ching Mae
19th May 2010

I was eleven years old when I discovered I had scoliosis through a routine school exam. My curvature was 10-20 degrees and not deemed significant enough to require a brace or surgery. Doctors continued to monitor me every six months, with no noticeable deterioration. I was lucky that I never was forced to wear a brace. Once through puberty I was eventually discharged and told my spinal condition had stabilized. At this point I suffered no pain or discomfort. Years later when I started working, I suffered from backaches after sitting or standing for prolonged time. I sought treatment at a local hospital and was prescribed glucosamine. The doctor attributed the pain to pressure on the spine due to the curves, and I was advised not to do any impact sports like jogging and playing basketball. As these were my primary exercises, I suddenly felt like I couldn’t exercise anymore. I simply stopped being active for fear of the pain.

By this time my curvature had progressed to 39 degrees. My doctor took annual X-rays to monitor the deterioration. I was told if the curvature passed 45 degrees then surgery was the only option available. Plagued by backaches, I feared trying any exercises, even if they were prescribed. Two years later I tried a chiropractic clinic for pain relief. Although the adjustments did help ease my pain level, they did nothing to correct my curvature. I noticed absolutely no relief from the glucosamine. I honestly felt that it was inevitable I would eventually need surgery. I felt helpless, and with little hope for any solution.

I am so thankful that I met Dr. Kevin Lau before my spine deteriorated any more than it already had. He restored my hope with his exercises and diet information. As I completed his exercises my core muscles also gained a tremendous amount of strength which strengthened my spine. My right curvature decreased from 39 degrees to 30 degrees and my left curvature went from 28 degrees to 27 degrees. The back pain and stiffness significantly diminished which allowed my activity level to improve. I no longer lived in fear of movement which used to lead to horrible pain. I feel that I can finally be proactive about my scoliosis rather than just sit around and monitor the changes and wait for surgery. Dr. Lau restored my hope in my life, and I no longer see surgery in my future.

Irene T.
25 yr old, Office Worker

At the age of 62, 46 degrees to 39 degrees and all because of Dr. Kevin Lau

With the number of visits to doctors, orthopedics, chiropractics and physiotherapist in the last 12 years, there was not much hope that I had for the scoliosis that I had been diagnosed with. But then there is always a ray of hope. And this ray of hope was lit by Dr. Kevin Lau for me. And I cannot thank him enough for the things that he has made possible.

Even though I was suffering from scoliosis ever since I was 20, I did not know about it. I thought that the condition was due to the manner in which I carried and conducted myself. It just seemed to be the manner in which I walked and not a medical condition for me. For years I lived with the right shoulder lower than the left making the left side of the waist look much higher than the right side. And believe me getting clothes that fit me properly was the last of my issues since there were many more pressing ones. I frequently had back pains, some of which were extremely severe.

When my condition was diagnosed in 1997 due to severe pain in the back, there was am X-Ray that was taken. But at this time, I had no clue about the degree of scoliosis that I had. Surgery was the only option that was suggested, something that I was not so comfortable with and so I consulted another orthopedic. While no X-Ray was taken again, I was told that the scoliosis was 20 degrees.

This time physiotherapy and surgery were suggested. I was still not convinced that surgery was the only route to be taken and I thank heavens for believing that it was not the only route for the condition. I went to chiropractic physician on my own since doctors seem to think that they can help in scoliosis.

While the physiotherapy did help in relieving the pain to some extent, the effect was only temporary and the excruciating back pain kept coming back. As if the pain was not enough on its own, a couple of sessions of chiropractic actually caused my back to hurt more.

And then there was my consultation with Dr. Kevin. Even though I was extremely skeptical about visiting another chiropractic practitioner, I did go ahead and meet Dr. Kevin. And that was probably the best thing that I could have done for myself. An x-ray was taken and showed that over the years it had increased to 46 degrees at the time I saw Dr Kevin Lau. Without invasive surgery, the improvement that I achieved in my scoliosis condition was 7 degrees and at my age! Today, I feel healthier, happier and am able to walk with a much better posture. I do not slouch all the time and there is no sign of giddiness, something that I felt all the time earlier. And the best part is that the back pain and fatigue and strain have disappeared completely.

I do not think that Dr. Kevin’s program is anything close to all the other experts that I have visited in the past years. The whole procedure involves only exercises, physiotherapy and nutrition, a therapy that you know cannot harm you in any way. The program is so easy that I can continue to ensure that I eat the right foods and do the right exercises to keep myself fit and healthy on my own too.

If there is anyone that I have to thank today for the confident, happy and stress-free me that I am today, it is Dr. Kevin Lau and his wonderful program!

Irene K.
62 yr old Grandmother

I have had scoliosis since I was a teen. My mother also had scoliosis, and when she got older she developed a very stooped posture. I have always been afraid that the hunched posture would happen to me as well.

In my thirties, I started noticing frequent pain in my upper back and shoulders. I also began experiencing frequent headaches, which I felt were related to my back pain. I began seeing Dr. Lau, and I have to say that he changed my life! After just weeks of treatment, my back and shoulders felt much better, and my headaches were a thing of the past. Dr. Lau taught me exercises to do at home, and also recommended diet changes to help which were tough to follow as I kept cheating. This program requires a lot of dedication and commitment on the part of the person however if you do the work necessary you will be pleasantly surprised with the results like I was.

I wish that I had seen Dr. Lau years ago, because then I would not have gone through years of pain and worry. If I had seen Dr. Lau as a teenager, perhaps my scoliosis would not have gotten as bad, and I would have felt a lot better.

I recommend Dr. Lau to anyone who experiences back pain, scoliosis, or both. I believe that it is much better to receive treatment as a young person. I have friends whose daughters have scoliosis and I have encouraged them to take their daughters to see Dr. Lau. Perhaps then they won’t have to go through years of pain, as I did.

Julia H.
New Zealand

Our son Matthew is very involved with school athletics and had scoliosis. He plays both soccer and basketball as his electives in school. Sports are very important to Matthew.

We have been to specialists about Matthew’s spine as he was diagnosed with scoliosis during his early teens. They have mentioned the possibility of surgery to correct Matthew’s scoliosis. The surgery is a big surgery and will likely affect Matthew’s ability to play sports after the surgery. For this reason, we have been hesitant to consider surgery, or even bracing. Matthew is adamant about not wanting to wear a brace.

Matthew has frequent backaches when he competes in sports, so we began to search out alternative treatments, hoping that we would be able to at least slow the progression of the curve. Matthew began seeing Dr. Lau, who understood how important athletics are to Matthew. Together, they designed an exercise and diet program to improve Matthew’s curve. Matthew has fully participated because he does not want to have surgery.

As a result of working with Dr. Lau, we are happy to report that Matthew’s double curves have diminished. The curve in his upper back has decreased by 7 degrees and the curve in his lower back by 9 degrees. This is beyond our wildest dreams, as we were hoping only to stop the curves from getting worse. We never really expected that his curves would improve! Matthew is very happy and does not complain of back pain any more.

Thank you, Dr. Lau!

Matthew T.

I am 19 years old, and I came to Singapore to study English. I am originally from the Ukraine. I pay for my schooling by working as a model.

The modeling agency I work for remarked to me that my posture seemed a little “off”, and that I needed to work on it. I knew I had scoliosis, as my parents had been told when I was a child that my spine was crooked. I never received any treatment, and was not aware that treatment existed. I thought it was just one of those things that you live with. One of the models I worked with suggested I try chiropractic treatment. She said that she had seen Dr. Lau, and that he had been of great help to her.

I saw Dr. Lau, who confirmed that I had mild scoliosis. He took x-rays and told me my curve measured 19 degrees. I began working with Dr. Lau, and within weeks even I could see a difference in my posture. I was very happy with the results I achieved. I am still working as a model, and have heard no more comments that I have poor posture!

Anna M.
19 years old
Alice C.

I have suffered from back pain for most of my adult life. As a child, I was diagnosed with scoliosis, but my parents were told that it wasn’t bad enough to require surgery. My parents were concerned about my posture, but two different specialists told them the same thing-the curve was not that bad, and it should not cause me problems as an adult.

When I entered my late twenties, I began to have frequent back pain, which I ignored at first as I was busy raising my children. Over the years as my pain worsened, my husband noticed that my posture was poor. I was unable to stand “straight” and always looked as though I was hunching over. The back pain became so severe that there were times I could not do my normal activities around the house, and I was having difficulty getting through the day.

My friends finally convinced me to see someone. I reluctantly went to see Dr. Kevin Lau because he was recommended by a family friend. I was very skeptical as I pictured him cracking my spine. I was afraid that the treatments would make my pain worse. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the treatments did not hurt. Dr. Lau also counseled me on dietary changes and exercises to do at home. After a few weeks, I began to notice that my back pain was less, and my posture was improving. I was very happy with these results.

It took me many years to realize that I needed to care for myself if I wanted to continue caring for my family. I am glad that my husband pushed me to seek help, and I will be forever grateful to Dr. Lau, who not only improved my pain, but taught me how to feed my body properly. Learning about the importance of diet has not only benefited me, but my family as well.

Alice C.
San Francisco, USA

My mother has been complaining about pain in her back for as long as I can remember. After my father passed away, she came to live with my family. At times the pain in her back was very bad. The pain also travelled down her right leg. Soon she began to suffer falls, and I became afraid that she would hurt herself when my wife and I were not at home. We took her to her doctor, who told us that she was simply getting older and suggested that we put her in a home if we were unable to care for her.

Friends told us about Dr. Lau. We did some research, and decided to try his overseas program. Dr. Lau was very kind to my mother and spent a long time asking about her health and her history. We felt comfortable with Dr. Lau, and my mother did, too. We all agreed to try the program.

Dr. Lau discovered that my mother had a 45 degree curve in her back, which was causing her back and leg pain and making her fall. After the first phase of treatment, my mother complained less about the back pain, and the leg pain was gone!

We have continued with treatments, and I have noticed myself that my mother is able to stand up straighter than before. Her shoulders do not appear as hunched. Best of all, she is falling much less often! We are now firm believers in chiropractic care and in Dr. Lau’s program.

Olga D.

I have been experiencing back for years. It started when I was in playing professional tennis in Slovakia during after an injury during a tournament. When it first happened I ignored my pain thinking that it would go away which in a few days it did. But over the years it kept coming back and this time not just after tennis but even sitting for long periods. I began to have constant back pain and got to the point where even walking was painful. Since moving to Singapore to coach tennis another coach recommended that I see Dr Kevin I had been to physiotherapists and chiropractors in Europe and decided that I had nothing to lose by seeing him. Dr. Lau took x-rays and discovered that I had thin spinal discs which caused my nerves in my back to get pinched. Through using the spinal decompression machines on to my spine and regular treatment with Dr Lau I am happy to report that my pain is gone even after long tennis coaching sessions or when I am driving or working at the computer! Even more impressive is that Dr Lau ordered my post therapy x-rays and it showed that I had reversed the degeneration in my spinal disc. I am so impressed with Dr. Lau’s program. I admit to being skeptical at first, but the results I achieved have made me a believer! Thank you, Dr. Lau!

Andrej Ziman
Tennis Pro

I love to golf. I have been golfing for years, and it is my favourite thing to do in my spare time. This past year, I began experiencing pain in my neck that radiated down my left arm whenever I swung a golf club or exercised. When my golf game began to suffer, I knew that something had to be done.
I saw Dr. Kevin Lau, who spoke to me at great length about the pain I was experiencing. He examined me and asked me about my patterns of exercise and my eating habits. He sent me for x-rays, and discovered that I was suffering from degenerative disc disease in the vertebrae in my neck from C5 to C7. This was causing compression of the nerves and was causing the pain in my arm. Dr. Lau advised decompression on my neck, as well as adjustments. He also advised me on exercises to do at home.

Within a week, I was free of pain and golfing again. Over 3 months I took xrays and it showed that the neck was back to normal. My golf game even improved! I highly recommend Dr. Lau. He is truly knowledgeable about so many aspects of health care, not just chiropractic care.

Damien Ng

Before I met Dr Kevin Lau, I had severe lower back ache, high cholesterol and massive digestive problems. I consulted many doctors, specialist and therapist of all types, only to have the pain reoccur when I stopped the treatment. Massages were a constant fixture in my weekly schedule for as long as I can remember! It was frustrating and costly. I was beginning to lose hope when I suddenly had severe attack of low back pain, this happened around the time my mother passed away.
Luckily that was when I met Dr Kevin. With his caring heart and listening ear he was an inspiration and helped get me back on the track to health. His holistic approach was what I needed, healthy changes in my lifestyle, eating habit and mental attitude empowered me and allowed me to ultimately change my health for the better. FINALLY I was independently healthy and pain free, the knowledge he offered me allowed me to sustain the health and wellbeing that I never thought I could have. Massage these days is a treat because Im not in pain but merely want to relax. As a bonus, my appearance improved and I started to feel and look younger. My cholesterol dropped which was amazing as I ate a diet high in fats and cholesterol such as eggs which Dr Kevin planned for me. Ive got the hospital tests to prove it. Friends around me became interested in what I was eating and became more health coconscious too!

I owe all this to the guidance from Dr Kevin. I am fortunate to be able to reap the benefits of his keen interest in optimal health and nutrition and his incessant search for what is the best out there. Last but not least, his uncompromising standard of excellence is something people of all ages can learn from.

Thanks Dr Kevin Lau!

Li Ai Lay
Teacher , Age 56

My neurosurgeon, who condemned me to a wheelchair after failed low back surgery, told me it would extremely dangerous to see a chiropractor. Well, I figured if I was going to be in a wheelchair permanently in a few months, how could a chiro make it any worse. I had a huge wad of scar tissue from the surgery putting pressure on my spinal cord. I was constantly falling and the sciatica was unbearable. Within a few months of starting chiropractic treatment, I realized I was not falling down anymore. I almost never have sciatic pain. I walk upright, not bent over and am even able to exercise now I don’t use a cane, the wheelchair is stuck in a closet and I rarely use my scooter anymore. He also works on my neck where I have had a fusion and he hasn’t hurt me yet. I know some of the changes are diet related, which Dr. Kevin put me on, but I truly believe the manipulations have either reduced the amount of scar tissue or redistributed it to where it’s not pressing directly on my spinal cord. I am a total believer in chiropractic care now and let me tell you, I went in desperation and extremely scared and skeptical.

Mr Yoh
65 years old

When my parents discovered that I was “limping” when I was nearly thirteen, they became worried that my left leg is shorter than the right. After consulting a family friend who was a senior nurse, I was brought to a specialist in a hospital to be examined. I had never thought how all those fussing about would mean anything. Even when the doctor explained to my parents the condition of my scoliosis, the seriousness of my condition did not kicked in… until we visited a girl in the hospital who had a spine correction surgery a few months before. We were told by her mother that she would be bedridden for as long as half a year, and it was at that point I started to realise that something had gone quite wrong with me. I had a 38 degree C shape curve in the lumbar area. According to the doctor, if the condition was above 40 degrees, I would have been recommended for surgery, and that would not just mean I needed to spend about half a year in bed, but also enormous financial and physical stress on my parents at that time. Gladly, I had a plastic brace casted, which I lived with for the next 5 years.5

In those awkward teenage years, wearing a hard plastic body brace all day long contributed to my lack of confidence. I had to wear extra large school uniform to accommodate the brace. I could not do half the exercises in physical education (PE) classes, and even a short jog would make the inside of the brace soaking wet and I get bruises from the edges of the brace. Some of the PE teachers thought I was just lazy and I could not explain myself. I get rashes every now and then and I could not wear a bra without one side of the strap falling, nor could I carry any of those pretty sling bags on one shoulder. I had all my text books cut into smaller sections so that I do not overload the school bag, but even so, I had two school bags to carry. It took 3 to 5 hours each day to-and-fro school, and till today I could still remember the feeling of walking in the hot afternoon sun with my body soaking wet inside the hard brace. Looking back to those years, it was really a torture for a girl at that age. At seventeen, I have out-grown the brace too much, and thankfully took it off. We decided not to go back for another brace and never went back to the specialist again.

As years went by, I learnt to live with the crooked spine — to pick clothes that disguise the unsymmetrical body, adjust my shoes so that my limping is not obvious, always use bags with a good back support, etc. I had given up hope to treat the scoliosis altogether. I had minor back aches and neck and shoulder stiffness more often as I grew older, and I knew my scoliosis has worsen, but I did not believe I could do anything about it.

In April 2006, I had a serious backache and was bedridden for almost a week. The continuous pain broke me down and I thought if I was going to live with that much pain more and more frequently for the rest of my life, I should go ahead and try the things I have always wanted to try in the “limited time” left. I was deciding to relocate to Australia when my sister brought me a newspaper cut-out about Dr.Kevin Lau’s seminar, two months after the serious backache. Dr. Lau’s explanation about scoliosis and the cases he mentioned started to give me hope. After much research on the internet and some serious consideration, I decided to postpone my relocation plan for half a year to complete one course of the treatment by Dr. Lau.

The pre-treatment x-ray showed that my curve had indeed worsen over the years, to 55 degrees, and my neck needed correction as well. For the next half a year, despite stressful times at work, I persisted with 2 to 3 treatments per week with Dr. Lau. The treatment was painful in the initial two months as my body adjusted to the pulling and stretching. But as I went along with the whole range of exercises, my body felt more flexible and I was more energetic. I started to look forward to and enjoyed the treatment sessions. With Dr. Lau’s preaching on eating healthy and sleeping enough also made me thought more carefully about what I ate and how I rested.

At the end of the six months’ treatments, my post-treatment x-ray revealed a 15 degrees improvement in my scoliosis. I stayed on for another 3 months of treatments before making my move to Australia.

To me, the whole experience of the treatments meant much more than the 15 degrees of correction in my spine. I felt that in many ways I was blessed, and I learnt to have faith that there is a solution somewhere for any problem. Taking that on a very general estimate the scoliosis in an adult worsen by one degree per year, the corrections have perhaps saved me fifteen years… even if it is less, I am sincerely thankful for it.

Low Cher Ching
Solution to My Scoliosis 33 years old

As you know, after many months of hesitation about doing changing my diet I have recently decided to take the plunge. To my surprise, I found after four days of the diet by Dr Kevin my blood pressure went below the usual 80/120 and I lost four kilos at the same time. Moreover, there was also a noticeable absence of some aching pain over my left hip, which had been around for at least six months.

I am currently not taking my hypertension pills but carefully monitoring my pressure and weight. By modifying my diet, I seem to have successfully maintained my new pressure and weight. As regards the aching pains in two parts of my body they seem to have mostly gone, a sign I gather of reduced inflammation as a result of Dr Lau’s advice.

My severe arthritis and pain in my lower back has improved by 12 degrees! I was surprised by what I saw on the post x-rays. I would like to thank you for your encouragements and preaching, for without them I do not think I would have tried your program.

Yours sincerely
Tan Poh Ghee

Tan Poh Ghee
Tan Poh Ghee - Scoliosis and Hypertension Improved!

I injured my back whilst doing housework some 20 years ago. Unfortunately I did not consult any specialist to take care of the injury. The pain comes and goes every now and then and at time the pain was very excruciating even to the extend to immobilized me. I consulted the physiotherapist only when the pain became unbearable. Since I did not take good care of my injury, my condition started to degenerate. It also affected my movement.

In year 2003 I underwent a major operation on my total hip replacement. Before the operation, I had suffered great pain in my movement. I had to resort to wheelchair to move around. I would hardly walk. It affected my sleep. After the operation, the situation improved. However my back problem still persisted. I wanted to seek medical help on my spine before it was too late.

In October 2005 I chance upon a workshop on spinal problems organized by Dr Kevin Lau. I was very much impressed by Dr. Lau’s immense knowledge on the spinal problems and I knew that I have found someone who could help me on my spinal problems. Without much hesitation I immediately made an appointment to see Dr. Lau clinic.

Dr. Lau is a kind-hearted man who understands the problems and pains suffered by his patients. He put his heart and soul in treating his patients. He shows concern and monitors the progress of his patients constantly. After receiving treatments from Dr. Lau I realized that my back problem and my health has improved.

My overall conditions have improved. At long last, I have found someone who can help me in alleviating my back problem.

Madam Chan Cheng Ha

Madam Chan Cheng Ha
Finding A Better Alternative to Surgery 62 yrs old

Backache had plagued me for more than 20 years. I thought it was due to bad posture of work-related. Acupuncture and massage only give me temporary relief. When I experienced tingling sensation and numbness in my left arm and fingers, I sought the help of an orthopedic surgeon. After a few sessions of tractions and exercises with the therapist, the surgeon examined and discharged me, saying it was due to degeneration. The news was very discouraging. Am I to accept this condition and wait? Am I to accept this condition and wait for the inevitable surgery? A year later, the tingling and numbness of the left fingers returned. I refused to consult the surgeon and be told the same news or wait for surgery.xray

I came across and advertisement by Contour Health. After the workshop, Dr. Kevin Lau examined and sent me for X-ray. I discovered that I had scoliosis and problems with my neck and hip. Without hesitation, I began my treatment with Dr. Kevin Lau, 3 times a week. After 6 months, I had post X-ray taken. The results were beyond my expectation, 10 degrees improvement in the neck, 8 degrees in the thorax and 12 degrees in the lumbar and taller by 1cm.

I decided to continue with the “Wellness Program” for a year to stabilize my back. Dr. Lau also guided me through detoxification and diet. Tests showed that my diabetes, kidneys and liver functions improved. Friends compliment and say I look a picture of health. Yes, I am more energetic now

Lucy Koh
Retired Teacher Avoids Surgery - 54 yrs old

I first learnt my spine has a sideway curve 8 years ago when I went for a full body massage. The masseuse traced the curvature with her finger. I dismissed it as an abnormality I was probably born with and thought no more of it as I had no pains nor aches anywhere, not even the usual backache ladies usually complain of when they have their periods and the number of times I’ve had a headache can be counted on one hand. However in the past few years, I suffered from tense shoulders and low energy.

A few months ago, I began to wonder whether my spinal curvature is what’s called “Scoliosis” . Hence, when Dr Kevin, had a workshop on Scoliosis, I attended. The chiropractor confirmed I have scoliosis after a visual assessment. A spinal X-ray confirmed I had right thoracic “C” shaped scoliosis of 36 degrees from the neck to T6.

I signed up for a correction package with Dr Kevin. Twice each week, I do a one-hour therapy session. I do exercises to stretch and strengthen muscles and the bones in the upper part of my body and the neck, including traction and inversion. Then I adjourn to the doctor’s room where he adjusts my spinal and cervical vertebrae. The electrodes and machines, which I find most relaxing, come last.

Dr Kevin send their patients for an assessment x-ray when they have completed their sessions.. X-rays of the earliest patients have been very encouraging. All the patients have had their curvatures reduced; the patient with the least improvement registered a 10 degree correction. There was a 15 year old who improved from 45 degrees to 28 and a 70 year old from 16 to 4. As for mine curve it reduced by 15 degrees!

I can actually feel my shoulders and neck getting looser! On Sunday, after lunch, I climbed up 200 stories to prepare for a trek in India/China come Oct but I wasn’t tired as I normally would have been!
Jacqueline T.

Jacqueline T
Scoliosis Won’t Hold Me Back!

“I have been suffering from migraine since I was 12, thought I didn’t know what was it then, in my adulthood, the migraine became worse – triggered just by bright sunlight.

I saw the best eye specialists in Asia and Australia ad the best neurologist in Singapore. They all checked my eyes but said there was nothing wrong.

But the attacks continued a few times a month, as did the medication and nausea and vomiting during the attacks.

The worst bout was when I vomited more than 15 times and had to stay home for three days in a darkened room, with curtains drawn and air- conditioning on.

Last year, I went to a talk by chiropractor Kevin Lau. A week after my talk, I made an informed decision to straighten my spine. I’m a little hunched after all these years of studying and working at the PC. During the first session, which lasted two hours, I had exercises and adjustment of my spine on a three-part bend. I felt wonderful and revitalized.

Dr. Lau, an Australian, is gentle, unassuming and humble, always talking and joking and open to feedback from his patients. He took the trouble to explain to me what my problem was – a curved spine and a neck that protrudes too far ahead, causing my migraine.

He even went the extra mile to introduce health foods to me and lent me his CDs by motivational guru Anthony Robbins.

Not only did my migraine vanish, but my cholesterol level went down too. I have medical records to prove it.

After 10 months of treatment, I have a healthy posture. Now, I am able to walk under the hot sun without it triggering my migraine.”

Mr Michael Lum
Life Long Migraine Gone 50, training director

I had always had lower back ache since I can remember. It was an ache that would come on after doing anything physical like house cleaning, sport, etc. And in rare occasions it would ache even after doing none of those things. About October 2007 I noticed that after physical activity not only my lower but also the middle of my back would ache. Then by Jan 08 the ache I would get after physical activity had worsened. It got quite painful. From then on my back got worse. I kept being active, but it got hard to do. The middle of my back had started to give me huge discomfort when sitting down to study, watch TV, even to eat dinner. Then it got to the point where I was taking pain killers so that I could get to sleep at night. My back was hurting constantly. Come mid February I decided that the pain was not going to go away by itself, that I must have something wrong, so I went and made an appointment with you. You sent my away to have x-rays. The next appointment you showed me the x-rays and my spine was clearly crooked. I’m a young, fit, healthy, active individual and I very rarely get injuries so I kind of considered myself invincible in that aspect, so to see the state that my spine was in was a big reality check for me. I try really hard to look after myself physically so I felt really gutted that I had let this happen to myself and I wished I had done something about the pain earlier because maybe then it would not have gotten so bad.

During my 3 months of courses to relieve the pain you had me take a questionnaire to see what metabolic type I am. I am a fast oxidising protein type. You introduced me to a new diet that consisted of more protein and fat than what I normally eat. I was really dubious about it, fearful of the fat in the diet. But I gave a go. For the first 2-3 weeks I felt a bit sluggish and moody. The only good thing at that stage was that I did not feel hungry between meals anymore and found that I was snacking less. Then after about 4 weeks on the new diet I started to really feel the benefits. My energy levels went up, I now sleep all night without waking up, I no longer have cravings for chocolate or cheesecake, I feel great and I have lost 3kgs without even trying to lose it.

Things I have learnt:
• chiropractors are NOT scary and it does NOT hurt
• back pain is NOT normal
• some fats are NOT bad
• some things is doesn’t pay to be tough about, I should have addressed this problem a lot earlier

Isla West
Sports Fanatic Finds Relief
Gold Coast, Australia

Dear Dr.Lau
This is greeting from Samantha Taiwan,
and report to you the lately Xray result of my daughter, attached is the picture. (last week)
The Scoliosis is 36 degree now, obviously the treatment worked well, and -5 degree from the last X ray check.

We will keep working on using D.B.S., exercise, and diet as customized by Dr Lau.

I want to thank him and if you have further advice he will be an invaluable resource.

Thanks again &
Best Regards,
Taiwan, Taipei

14 years old results from home therapy.
Taiwan, Taipei

My daughter, Jessica Woo, is 14 years old and she has severe scoliosis. We read about Dr Kevin Lau via the internet. We viewed the TV interview which broadcasted Dr Kevin Lau.

My daughter, Jessica Woo, is 14 years old and she has severe scoliosis. We read about Dr Kevin Lau via the internet. We viewed the TV interview which broadcasted Dr Kevin Lau and also read the articles and book written by him.

We were impressed with his knowledge and experience pertaining to the treatment of patients with scoliosis and made the decision to travel to Singapore for a seven weeks treatment.

We find Dr Kevin to be a practitioner who is conscientious, approachable and very helpful in his treatment. He is always willing to listen and answer any questions that we have concerning her treatment and therapy. He is very tech savvy and up-to-date with the latest chiropractic practice.

I believe he will be an invaluable asset to those with scoliosis. He is also someone who is determined to be one of the best in his field of practice.

I wish him all the best.
Yours sincerely

L. Fong Teh
Mother of scoliosis patient – Jessica W.
Melbourne, Australia

My son was diagnosed with right Thoracic Scoliosis with 29 degree spinal curvature in August 2010 when he was almost 15 years old. The doctor from a renowned hospital for the treatment

My son was diagnosed with right Thoracic Scoliosis with 29 degree spinal curvature in August 2010 when he was almost 15 years old.

The doctor from a renowned hospital for the treatment of paediatric & orthopaedic problems only suggested my son to wear the brace 23 hours per day with no additional treatment, plus regular check up every 4-6 months, therefore, I have bought my son to Chiropractor for treatment twice a week, BUT, in July 2011, x-ray at hospital showed the curve has progressed to 35 degree. I have questioned myself what have we done during this year with brace as well as the Chiropractor.

After that, I have brought my son to Chinese bonesetter instead of Chiropractor, after treatment for 6 months, on February 2012, x-ray at hospital showed the curved has further progressed to 38.3 degrees, the doctor told me that my son probably required surgery if his scoliosis further progress in the next few months. Although I felt so helpless & hopeless, I keep searching for alternative treatment until one day I found Dr. Kevin Lau’s book – Your Plan for Natural Scoliosis Prevention and Treatment, I ordered it immediately from Amazon and started reading it right after I received it. The book is user friendly with easy to understand guidelines, it combines diet and exercise suggestion which provided a positive direction for preventing and treating scoliosis. Dr. Lau also gave detailed examples of modern misconception and how his methods have treated patients with amazing results.

After finished reading the book, I contacted Dr. Lau directly and decided bringing my son to his Singapore clinic during Easter for treatment.

Since we were overseas patients, we joined the one week intensive program for the treatment.

Dr. Lau performed a brief physical examination for my son’s scoliosis status, he then recommended a customised program which included the proper nutrition plan and exercises program, the exercises not only can be done in the clinic but also at home with some essential tools.

Furthermore, Dr. Lau treated the scoliosis by himself with manual and machine assisted adjustments, he also utilized innovative and effective medical modalities to correct imbalances caused by the scoliosis.

Upon returning to Hong Kong, I ordered various tools/device/machine which have been recommended during treatment at Dr. Lau’s clinic, continuing with the exercise and the nutrition therapy, my son’s scoliosis status was more stable and did not have further progression since the treatment from Dr. Lau in April 2012.

Dr. Lau is a kind-hearted person who understands the problems suffered by his patients. He is professional and willing to give advice whenever I approached him. He shows concern and keeps monitoring my son’s progress even his treatment was done 1.5 years ago.

With Dr. Lau treatment, it always has a better alternative to surgery.

Eileen C.
Mother of scoliosis patient – Jonathan K.
Hong Kong