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Skype Or Zoom Consultation With Dr. Kevin Lau

It’s the one thing that people spend ridiculous amounts of money and time on and that is finding the right specialist for your scoliosis. How many of us seem to spend so much unnecessary time venturing from one professional to the next but always without ever really finding a substantial cure for our agonizing ordeal.

The result is that people are left feeling drained, discouraged and most commonly out of pocket.

If you are one of those aforementioned people that feel that you have spent too much money looking for someone who can treat your spinal condition yet all to no avail, then scoliosis expert Dr. Kevin Lau might just be your beckon of light, as he offers an extensive and methodical service that covers all the questions people usually tend to have regarding scoliosis.

Through this he is able to advise the appropriate form of treatment to help manage the condition permanently. First consultation over Skype involves a thorough history and x-ray analysis. From this he will be able to review what exercises are suitable and what actions need to be taken given your location.

What to expect from the online consultation:

Consultation Fees

How much does a consultation cost?Cost (SGD)
First Private Video Consultation (Skype or phone)
Initial consultation, discuss your history, symptoms, nutrition Q&A and design exercises suitable for your scoliosis.
$280 SGD
~280 AUD
Follow up Private Video Consultation (Skype or phone)
After the recommendations from the first consultation we will track you progress and fine tune your nutrition/exercise program. Advance to further exercises and troubleshoot any road blocks you had.
$250 SGD
~250 AUD
Private Email Consultation
Ask question through a series of email consultations following your first skype consultation.
Free ongoing support.


Dr Lau will provide all clients with a PDF consultation form that will elicit all the information he would initially need to begin consultation.

We will supply a consultation form focusing on key information that Dr Lau needs in order to recommend a program tailored to your health needs. If you have an xray report please scan and send the consultation form via email.

Before your consultation, you may download a New Patient Form (see links below) to fill out, which contains questions that will help acquaint Dr Lau with your current situation and enable him to provide you with the most help during your consultation.

Steps to Booking an Online Consultation with Dr Kevin Lau


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