Smart Neck Traction Device

Smart Neck Traction Device

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A Smart Neck Traction Device may help to alleviate neck pain and stiffness by gently stretching and decompressing the neck muscles and joints. This can improve range of motion and alleviate pressure on pinched nerves or herniated discs, which may be causing discomfort.

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Smart Neck Traction Device | Dynamic Wedge Traction

Long days in the same position combined with repetitive use of smartphones and computers can put a serious strain on your neck. Plus, bad sleeping postures and strenuous activities result in our necks experiencing extreme strain. Visiting a physical therapist regularly or taking pain medication can be too expensive for it to be an option for most. So, why not use a Smart Neck Traction Device? Use electrotherapy pulse massages to relieve neck tension and stress, to increase range of motion, to improve posture, and more… all from the comfort of your home.

Without proper care, these conditions can cause headaches, neck pain, fatigue, poor posture, and poor blood circulation to the brain. The Smart Neck Traction Device can also  help those with herniated cervical discs, bulging discs, and whiplash injury, as well as manage joint pains, spasms, and sprains. Feel the difference right after only a few uses! Stop neck pain and improve your way of living every day, with ease and at home.


Electrotherapy Pulse Technology

Transmits electrical impulses to stimulate deep skin, producing a variety of massages to help achieve a deeper relaxation of the cervical spine. With 3 modes and 12 different adjustable levels, the Smart Neck Traction Device can also hydrate discs, increase blood flow, and relieve neck tension.

Heat Massage Therapy

Uses intelligent heating and traction to accelerate blood circulation and blood flow. The Smart Neck Traction Device offers 3 adjustable heat temperature settings to soothe away aches and pains.

Dynamic Wedge Traction

The device gently lifts and extends the neck with an elevation arch that helps relieve the pressure between discs and restore the natural curvature of the neck. It also lightly stretches the joint structures and muscles to help supply oxygen to the brain and to improves spine blood circulation.

Full Body Massage

The device also comes with 2 external electrode massage pads that can be applied to other parts of the body, such as legs, back, joints, arms, and more, to provide you with full-body relief.

Benefits Of The Smart Neck Traction Device

  • Helps Relieve Neck Pain
  • Helps with Fatigue and Upper Back Stiffness
  • Increases Blood Circulation
  • Reduces Neck Tension
  • Hydrates Discs
  • Improves Flexibility and Range of Motion
  • Corrects Neck Postures
  • Restores Natural Neck Curvature
  • Alleviates Herniated Cervical Discs
  • Helps with Whiplash Injury
  • Improves Flexibility and Range of Motion
  • Manages Joint Pain, Sprains, and Spasms

What Does the Package Include?

  1. 1 x Smart Neck Traction Device
  2. 1 x User Manual
  3. 1 x Adapter
  4. 2 x Electrode Massage Pads

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes our Smart Neck Traction Device unique?

The Smart Neck Traction Device uses bidirectional motion technology to establish dynamic traction while allowing the cervical spine to stretch, evenly opening the 7-section cervical vertebrae, and restoring cervical vertebra vitality. It has four functions: the Dynamic neck traction, electric pulse therapy, heating, and auto modulating technology. combined making it the world’s first multi-functional traction device for daily neck pain relief.

2. Is it suitable for my Scoliosis condition?

There is a correlation between a loss of neck lordosis and the condition’s development due to the uneven forces and adverse traction that it places on the spine. Therefore, Smart Neck Traction Device is good for those with scoliosis as it helps improve a loss of neck lordosis.

A spine with a healthy cervical lordosis is a spine less likely to experience the effects of adverse spinal tension, discs that degenerate faster, and the development of cervical scoliosis.

3. Does it really work to relieve pain and improve posture too?

The Smart Neck Traction Device is a medically validated treatment that relieves muscle aches and pains, exhaustion, pinched nerves, headaches, neck and upper body tension, and relaxes muscles. It also helps correct and improve posture.

4. How to get the best results?

For starters, we suggest a 3-5 minute session on a soft flat surface such as a bed or sofa for the first week, then progressively switch to a hard surface for improved range of motion, increasing to 5-7 minutes the second week, and 7-15 minutes the week after as you become more comfortable with it.

5. Will the device fit to my neck shape?

Yes, Smart Neck Traction Device is designed to fit on any shape or sizes of neck comfortably.

6. How often should I use the Smart Neck Traction Device?

You can use the Smart Neck Traction Device 2-3 times a week, or even daily if needed.

It makes some people relax and sleep better at night, according to them. Others find that using the Smart Neck Traction Device in the morning energizes them for the day, improves range of motion, and relieves painful stiffness.

People who exercise or participate in sports find that using the Smart Neck Traction Device for only a few minutes before and after their workout. It helps to alleviate painful neck and back tension caused by the compressible forces they encounter during their workout.

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