Natural Scoliosis Prevention and Treatment

Natural Scoliosis Prevention and Treatment

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With all the misinformation from “experts” and countless guides available online about scoliosis, it can be easy to get lost in the thousands of suggested treatment options and plans. You’re in pain. You’re confused. You’re uncomfortable.

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Natural Scoliosis Prevention and Treatment Book Trailer

The Ultimate Program and Workbook to a Stronger and Straighter Spine.

4th Edition – Fully revised with 2 new chapters and treatment based on the latest research.

With all the chatter surrounding the sometimes-debilitating condition known as scoliosis, it can be easy to get lost in the thousands of suggested treatment options and plans. People are in pain. They’re uncomfortable. Relief can be fleeting – and seemingly impossible.

Your Plan for Natural Scoliosis Prevention and Treatment : is Dr. Kevin Lau’s undisputed truth about scoliosis. He delivers facts and solutions with unquestionable accuracy, all while completely demystifying preconceived notions that proper spinal alignment due to scoliosis is unattainable. Dr. Lau has done years of research and investigation into what some would consider to be one of the most difficult and mysterious ailments of the spine. He treats the cause and condition while being careful not to neglect the symptoms. His three-step program succeeds where others have failed.

In attempting to uncover little known methods of treating scoliosis, Dr. Lau took a different route. In his search to understand not only the “whats” of the condition but also the “whys”, Dr. Lau targeted two groups that mastered good health: the Australian Aborigines, and native African tribes. He used their historical successes to aid in creating a clinically proven program based on deductions from what the human body not only needs to survive, but how it was originally created to function.

So why is this book necessary?

Dr. Lau’s book deliberately departs from ineffective bracing and surgery which is commonly used. Dr. Lau combines ancient wisdom with modern research and technology resulting in a program that finally focuses on treating the causes of scoliosis! Instead, he combines ancient wisdom and modern research and technology with undeniably positive results! Further, as a practicing chiropractor and nutritionist, Dr. Lau uses his diverse knowledge of alternative treatments to formulate unique, individualized plans for great spinal health.

Who benefits from the ScolioLife Program?

This book is easy to understand regardless of a reader’s level of medical expertise. It has been a go-to resource for personal trainers, chiropractors, occupational therapists, and medical doctors alike. At the same time, it has been beneficial for lay individuals who suffer the effects of scoliosis every day. If you have any interest in scoliosis and conditions of the spine, this book is for YOU!

In the latest 4th edition you will:

  • Uncovers the most recent research regarding the true causes of scoliosis, while identifying which of the latest treatments are most effective and ineffective. The reader will discover several avenues for healing, one of which will deal with how bracing and surgery merely treat the symptoms, not the root cause of scoliosis.
  • Describes the most common symptoms of sufferers and explains in depth how the muscles and ligaments work in various types of scoliosis.
  • Understands how a quick assessment of the spine in teenage years can improve quality of life in later years, by placing emphasis not only on the medical evaluation, but also on how lack of proper nutrition directly correlates with illness in our bodies and the sometimes abnormal growth of the spine.
  • Presents the most effective exercises for scoliosis, advises against what should be avoided at all costs and offers routines that are not only unique, but fit within busy schedules.
  • Provides tips and tricks to modify posture and body mechanics to decrease back pain, as well as giving the most ergonomic sitting, standing and sleeping postures for scoliosis.
  • Helps readers learn and draw inspiration from others’ stories and relevant case studies.

Books Timeline

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1st Edition

1st Edition
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2nd & 3rd Edition

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4th Edition

4th Edition

Table of the contents

Part 1 — What We Currently Know About Scoliosis Part 2 — A Nutritional Program for Health and Scoliosis Part 3 — Corrective Exercises for Scoliosis
Chapter 1: The Future of Scoliosis Correction Chapter 6: How is Nutrition Related to Scoliosis Chapter 12: How Your Spine Works
Chapter 2: What is Scoliosis? Chapter 7: Introduction to Fermented Foods Chapter 13: Posture Retraining
Chapter 3: Current Treatment Options for Scoliosis Chapter 8: Essential Carbohydrates Chapter 14: Body Balancing Stretches
Chapter 4: Shifting Away from Symptom-based Healthcare Chapter 9: Proteins the Bodies Building Blocks Chapter 15: Building Your Core
Chapter 5: Ancient Bodies, Modern Diet Chapter 10: The Truth about Fats Chapter 16: Body Alignment Exercises
  Chapter 11: Nutrients for Bone and Joint Health Chapter 17: Yoga for Scoliosis
    Chapter 18: Pilates for Scoliosis
    Chapter 19: Living with Scoliosis
    Chapter 20: Putting It All Together – How to Use This Book
    Chapter 21: Readers Resource

Testimonials from Patients

I read this book because a friend recommended it. Since Dr Kevin Lau lives in Singapore, I was unable to see him as a patient. Fortunately he was nice enough to answer my emails and helped me design an exercise program. My back improved over the months and all the aches and pains I thought was normal are gone! I can see how the principles in the book could be helpful to everyone with scoliosis.

– Michelle S.

I cannot recommend this book enough if you are suffering from scoliosis. I went through almost every treatment imaginable for my scoliosis including, bracing, swimming, acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, rolfing, Alexander technique, and none of them made a major impact on my curve. I had back pain for 2 years and this book made my back pain go away in about 2 months. After a year I am happy to report my spine is straighter than before… I don’t think it would ever be totally straight but at least I know how to care for my spine and prevent it getting worst.

When I first heard about Dr Lau’s ideas and this book I thought it was absolute nonsense. It took another 6 months with nothing else working to convince me to try it, and I am really glad that I did. Not only did it cure my pain but it gave me tremendous insights into my own psychology which were incredibly valuable.

Healthy amount of skepticism is good but don’t let it hold you back from getting improving your scoliosis.

– Marco C.

Dr. Lau’s book worked for me. Not instantly, but over the course of about 7 months I became feeling more balanced in my body. Using his information coupled with observation and awareness of my posture.
The last doctor I saw about my previous condition, a orthopaedic doctor, said I would require surgery or I would end up in a wheelchair within 20-25 years. It has not happened yet and I’m involved in a vigorous boxing program at age 34 with no complications.

Bottom line, read the book, apply the principles, and you may alleviate your scoliosis too.

– Jane D.

Anyone who suffers from scoliosis with or without pain should read Dr. Lau’s books. As should all doctors and health care practitioners. I pass this book to my orthopedic doctor and he said there’s no harm in trying as he couldn’t offer any other solutions for me other than surgery.

– Kelvin G.

I had pain for about 6 years over the hump of my scoliosis and nothing worked to get rid of it. Doctors did all sorts of tests on me and never found anything to explain it. I tried physical therapy, chiropractic, massage, acupuncture all to no avail. My friend suggested this book and after reading it and doing what he said to do I was healed within a month. I haven’t had pain for 9 months now.

For the price of a book you just might get great healing and it is worth a try!

– Felicity B.

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