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Know more about Thoracic Hyperkyphosis

Thoracic hyperkyphosis or hunchback is a condition that makes the upper or the thoracic spine of a person to curve forward. It causes the patient to slouch unusually and it may affect people of all ages. The reasons for thoracic hyperkyphosis however may vary from person to person.

We all have some curvature in our upper spine. But when this curve exceeds 45 degrees the person is said to have hyperkyphosis.

Thoracic hyperkyphosis symptoms:

• Stiffness
• Back pain
• Upper section of the back looks hunched or curved

Though cannot be generalised, some patients of thoracic hyperkyphosis complain of fatigue because of their condition. The unusual hunchback causes the patients to suffer from low self-esteem that gets intensified with emotional and social stresses.

Causes of thoracic hyperkyphosis

The most common causes of thoracic hyperkyphosis are

• Wrong posture – A person who fails to sit straight on a chair and often slouch may develop hyperkyphosis after some years.

• Scheuermann’s disease – It is a condition that mostly affects young people when their vertebrae do not grow properly. This results in a curved hyperkyphotic spine.

• Congenital issues – This happens when the spine of a baby does not develop properly in the womb. It may cause hyperkyphosis in the newly born child and the condition worsens as the child grows up.

Vertebral trauma, nutritional deficiencies and some other factors can also cause thoracic hyperkyphosis.

Treatment of thoracic hyperkyphosis

The treatment of thoracic hyperkyphosis varies depending on the cause of the condition. Some of the most common methods are

• Physical therapy
• Brace
• Spinal surgery

We at Scoliosis & Spine Correction Clinic treat our patients suffering from thoracic hyperkyphosis with abovementioned methods. The treatment can reduce the angle and improve the visual appearance of the spine. The treatment also reduces their suffering from pain and stiffness. We also have customized exercise-based treatments that help our patients avoid surgical intervention and correct their spinal curvature to a great extent.

To know more about Dr Kevin Lau’s therapy call us today and schedule an appointment at Scoliosis & Spine Correction Clinic.