Case 71: Female, 12 years old

Xrays before and after 71Amazing results where you can see the body looking more balanced and aligned. Can you guess how long apart were these before and after photos were taken? Would you believe only 5 days apart!

This is the result of a 12 year old girl from France who came over to Singapore for our 5 days intensive scoliosis program. Each day consisted of 5 hours of scoliosis exercises and equipment which helped to realign and improve her scoliosis. During the 5 days we also made a ScolioAlign Brace so that she can continue to use it once she is back in France.

We congratulate her for the amazing results shown and commend the hard work she put in during the 5 days. We hope she continues to see further improvements over the following months back home in France and look forward to our next review in 6 months.

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