Case 70: Female, 25 years old

Xrays before and after 70Follow up review for a 25 year old Singaporean lady after 12 months of using the ScolioAlign Brace and scoliosis exercises by Dr Kevin Lau. Before treatment her C shaped scoliosis was measured at 29 degrees. A follow up review involving an x-ray and a postural analysis was done after 12 months and the results are impressive. Her scoliosis now measures 21 degrees and the posture analysis shows her body is more centered and balance.

Before treatment her body was leaning to the right side of her body with the left hip protruding out. In the follow up x-rays it shows her body alignment improving and the waist is more symmetrical. Even though she has reached skeletal maturity, it is never too old to improve your scoliosis!

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