Case 66: Female, 11 years old

Xrays before and after 66

Xrays before and after 66

After a week of training out of Singapore happy to report another wonderful result from one of my local patient I have seen for 2 years now. She was only 11 when she came in to see me with 45 degrees curve in the lower back. She did the ScolioLife™ System of scoliosis treatment which included scoliosis exercises and ScolioAlign™ 3D brace by Dr Kevin Lau.

The following xray is the latest and the result have been outstanding. Her scoliosis is now only 25 degrees even after growing quickly over the period. We have attached both the x-ray results and posture images which show the shoulders are more balanced, hips are more even and body is more centered.

While she has not reached skeletal maturity we hope to see continued improvements for her scoliosis. Keep up the hard work and we hope your result help to inspire others to treat their scoliosis non-surgically too!

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