Case 64: Female, 25 years old

Xrays before and after 64The follow up review is from a client from the Philippines who came 3 month ago for the 5 days intensive scoliosis treatment. She was a 25 year old woman who only found out about her scoliosis when she was an adult. Back home she had tried exercises, physiotherapy as well as other local treatments but nothing seemed to help. X-rays taken before she arrived revealed a severe scoliosis of 89 degrees!

Dr Kevin Lau explained that 5 days would probably be not enough time for any substantial changes to her scoliosis. But the knowledge gained over the 5 days should allow her to continue the therapy once she returned home. A ScolioAlign™ 3D brace, customised exercises and detailed nutritional plan was recommended to her during the 5 days of therapy.

Three months after the initial treatment in Singapore she has been doing her treatment back home and diligently wearing her ScolioAlign™ 3D brace. She took a picture or her back and sent it to Dr Kevin Lau and the results were amazing as can be seen. The shoulders are now more balanced and the rib hump is reduced making her back better aesthetically.

We commend her for the hard work she put in and not letting even a severe curve of 89 degrees make her lose hope. Health is in your hands!

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