Case 34: Female, 12 years old

Xrays before and after 34 ENThe latest x-ray results is a 1 year follow up of Case 21 of a 12 year old girl from India.

Her auntie is a professor at Singapore’s top medical university and recommended her niece to come for treatment with Dr Kevin Lau. Happy to reveal that after 10 months since coming for her initial 5 days intensive treatment her scoliosis has improved further while completing the home therapy of exercises and wearing the 3D Brace!

We have to commend her for the dedication and effort she put in at home as the results are impressive. This time while in Singapore she underwent another 5 days intensive scoliosis treatment with Dr Kevin Lau and the after x-ray showed further improvement for her scoliosis. Now she is not even considered scoliotic at under 10 degrees! Even when the results are so good it’s still recommended to be vigilant and continue with the prescribed home therapy once she goes back to India.