Case 132: Male 24 years old

Xrays-before-and-after-132Once a 24-year-old patient walked into ScolioLife™ clinic with a 29-degree scoliosis, hoping to find a solution for her condition. She had been dealing with back pain and discomfort for years, which had been gradually getting worse. However, she had never imagined that she could do something about her condition without undergoing surgery.

The Dr Kevin Lau introduced her to the ScolioAlign™ Brace, a specialized brace that helps correct scoliosis without invasive procedures. The patient was initially skeptical, but she decided to give it a try. She wore the brace for 3 hours a day, following a customized plan designed by her Dr Kevin Lau.

After six months of consistent use, the patient went in for another x-ray and was overjoyed to see that her scoliosis had improved to just 17 degrees. She could hardly believe it, and her ScolioLife specialist could see the happiness and relief on her face.

The patient’s overall quality of life had improved as well. Her back pain had significantly reduced, and she could stand and sit comfortably for longer periods without feeling fatigued. She was able to enjoy physical activities that she had previously avoided due to her scoliosis.

The success story of this patient is a testament to the efficacy of non-surgical methods of treating scoliosis, and it demonstrates that it’s never too late to make a positive change. With a little guidance, dedication, and hard work, the patient was able to achieve an incredible transformation that positively impacted her life in numerous ways.

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