Case 110: Female, 27years old

Xrays before and after 110 This week we did a post-treatment review for a 27-year-old female patient. She had not sought treatment or seen anyone since when she was younger about her scoliosis and had lived without pain. However, she did not want to keep ignoring her condition and decided to explore if there was a way to treat her scoliosis even when she was an adult.

She was not keen on wearing a brace so she decided to do the 24 sessions once a week with home exercises tailored by Dr Kevin Lau. After 6 months we took another x-ray and was pleasantly surprised with her results. Her scoliosis before she started was 49 degrees and after the treatment is now reading 42 degrees!

While she understands that her scoliosis will never be completely straight is more confident in the fact that she knows how to take care of her spine as she gets older. Congratulation on achieving such a wonderful result in a short period of time.

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