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ScolioLife Scoliosis & Spine Correction Clinic: A Beacon of Hope for Patients

~ ScolioLife Pioneers a Comprehensive and Holistic Approach to Scoliosis Management ~

Dr Kevin Lau, renowned scoliosis specialist and founder of ScolioLife, has introduced an innovative and holistic approach to non-invasive scoliosis treatment.

With over two decades of practice, Dr Lau firmly believes that merely alleviating the physical symptoms of scoliosis falls short of providing a complete solution. His conviction is that the right treatment, together with innovation and technology, should empower individuals to take charge of their health, offering hope and transformation. ScolioLife’s believes in achieving consistent results in reducing scoliosis through non-invasive methods, which has attracted patients from around the world who either travel to Singapore or book teleconsultations with Dr Lau. This surge in demand has led to the recent expansion of the clinic, now spanning a spacious 2200 square feet from its initial 800 square feet.

Dr Lau’s dedication to helping scoliosis patients was ignited by a deeply personal experience of witnessing his brother’s struggle with the condition. This profound encounter sparked his passion for treating scoliosis and propelled him on a journey of research, collaboration, and learning alongside leading scoliosis professionals worldwide. After more than two decades of practice, Dr Lau’s expertise in non-surgical treatments culminated in the development of the ScolioLife™ System, an all-encompassing and holistic approach to scoliosis management. This system combines chiropractic techniques, Clear Methods, The Schroth Method, Yoga, bracing, and various other globally recognized methods.

Today, with scoliosis affecting 3% of the global population, ScolioLife is dedicated to offering patients an alternative to surgical approach. The clinic’s pioneering invention, the ScolioAlign brace, a 3D printed brace designed to aid in spinal alignment correction, has solidified its position as a leader in the field of scoliosis bracing. Combined with other exercises and treatment methods unique to the ScolioLife™ System, patients benefit from innovative apps like the Scoliometer and ScolioTrack, which empower them to personally monitor their progress.

Dr Lau is an Australian and American-educated practitioner of natural and preventive healthcare, and has authored 5 books and written a number of journals on scoliosis. He strongly advocates early detection of idiopathic, congenital and neuromuscular scoliosis in children and adolescents, and adults to go for regular check-ups to detect degenerative scoliosis.

ScolioLife Clinic, under the leadership of Dr Kevin Lau, remains dedicated to pioneering non-invasive solutions for scoliosis patients worldwide. Dr Lau’s commitment to staying at the forefront of scoliosis care is evident through his rigorous research efforts, active participation in specialized scoliosis conferences, and keen interest in technological advancements in the treatment of scoliosis

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