ScolioLife™ System

Scoliolife™ System – Dr. Kevin Lau’s Exclusive Scoliosis Treatment

As a world leader amongst scoliosis specialists, Dr. Lau is regarded worldwide as one of the leading experts on exercise related to scoliosis treatment as well as to nutrition base treatments. Dr. Kevin Lau, is a native Australian, who had always known from a very early age that he would be dedicating his life to the treatment of those patients who suffer from scoliosis. The impetus came from the fact that his brother suffered from scoliosis. He graduated from RMIT University in Melbourne Australia as a Doctor n Chiropractic and moved on to establish his award-winning clinic in Singapore – a major regional and international hub with easy access to and from other countries.

Holistic Approach

Dr. Lau has had the good fortune of studying the most effective non-surgical treatments for scoliosis such as Chiropractic, Clear Methods, the Schroth Method, Yoga, Bracing and various other techniques around the world. With the help of his expertise and experience, he has combined these into his unique and EXCLUSIVE approach to managing scoliosis called ScolioLife™ System. This new approach is both comprehensive as well as holistic.

Correcting the Alignment of Spine

Effectively utilizing nutritional support principles along with the combination of both static and dynamic scoliosis equipment, his approach towards tearing scoliosis is regarded as first of its kind. Many studies conducted recently on the causes of scoliosis have revealed that scoliosis patients normally show signs of the presence of neurotransmitter (brain chemical) imbalances which appear to be common among these scoliosis patients. These neurotransmitters are in fact, directly related to your spine’s reflex control mechanism and affect the alignment of the spine. The focus of Dr. Lau’s unique ScolioLife™ System treatment is to rebalance these with the aim of correcting the imbalances.

Get back in charge of your health!

With early intervention and manipulation practiced by Dr. Lau in lieu of the surgical approach as well as conventional braces, this successful method produces amazing results in terms of reducing scoliosis. It is our firm belief that simply reducing the physical symptoms albeit making a huge difference in your life is not enough of a treatment. The right type of treatment must be able to transform yourself by putting you back in charge of your health and furthering the belief that there is hope around the corner.

Most other treatments focus simply on the part of the spine that has become curved. Our approach is more comprehensive focuses on the entire spine. Because of our emphasis on the spine all the way from the pelvis to the skull, we are successfully able to change the messages that are sent out by the nervous system of the patients.

The ScolioLife™ System attacks the root causes of the scoliosis condition directly and leads to lasting results – a smaller spinal curve as well as lessened pain.

Personal interest and commitment of Dr. Lau to scoliosis treatment

There is an underlying factor that makes Dr. Lau’s treatment of scoliosis different from most others. As mentioned earlier Dr. Lau had to brother had to undergo the painful experience of witnessing his brother’s agony due to scoliosis when he was a child’s. It is from that early age that Dr. Lau started taking a personal interest in scoliosis and its treatments. It was a result of the extreme frustration experienced by his family in searching for a comprehensive treatment of this condition which led Dr. Lau to start studying the field of chiropractic.

In 2003, after the second year of his practice after graduation from the university, Dr. Lau started to dedicate more and more of his time to researching and learning the various aspects of scoliosis from the best professionals available in the field at that time. The methods he studied and learned included the CLEAR protocol, Schroth Method, Yoga and Pilates. It was at this time that he came up with the ScolioLife™ System which is an exclusive non-surgical approach to correcting scoliosis.

Three years later, in 2006, Dr. Kevin Lau obtained a master’s degree in the field of nutrition. His aim was to further his understanding of the role and importance of nutrition in relation to scoliosis. He had also completed his thesis for the Master’s degree on the same subject. Thousands of patients suffering from scoliosis have been successfully treated by Dr. Lau to date. Patients have flown in from around the globe to get treatment at Dr. Lau’s clinic and those who have been unable to travel have utilized digital communication platforms like Skype for consultations.

Award Winning Scoliosis Treatment Programs

Dr. Kevin Lau’s revolutionary approach in ScolioLife™ System to correcting scoliosis enables the evaluation of each scoliosis case based on its own merit and unique circumstances. Thus, the care provided to each patient is customized which leads to the achievement of the best possible correction in curvature WITHOUT resorting to either brace or surgery.

Local Scoliosis Treatment for Gradual Curve Reduction:

An extended care plan is offered to patients living in Singapore and those who can visit regularly to Dr. Kevin Lau’s clinic. The patients are treated once or twice weekly for a period of 1-3 months. This plan comes with the premium benefit of having Dr. Lau personally monitor the progress of the patients every week. The patients are also not required to miss any of their school or office related work, unlike the Intensive Scoliosis Treatment which require 5 consecutive full days of treatment. At the end of the treatment period, a post-x-ray review will be taken to document any changes to the patients scoliosis.

Overseas Scoliosis Treatment for Rapid Curve Reduction:

Overseas patients are encouraged to avail the Intensive Scoliosis Treatment which comprises of treatment for 5 working days. Each week would allow 25-30 hours of treatment to the patient with daily treatment for 5 hours. Once the treatment is over, the patients are given a comprehensive and customized home rehabilitation protocol which is designed to consolidate the gains made during the treatment. The protocol would further correct the spinal curvature and increase spinal stability during any upcoming growth spurts. Intensive Scoliosis Treatment for 3 days is recommended for curvatures of less than 20 degrees. For 20 degrees and higher curvatures, the intensive treatment needs to be carried out for 5 days. Post treatment x-rays after 5 days will be taken to document any changes to the patients scoliosis followed by reviews once they are home via skype or email.

Goals of Scoliosis Care

These include: