Case 97: Male, 11 years old

Xrays before and after 93The latest results share how it is possible to reduce a person’s scoliosis to within the normal range. Everyone has some degree of curvature of the spine, but for it to be considered scoliosis they must have a curvature of more than 10 degrees on x-ray. Today’s results almost achieved improving her scoliosis to within normal range. The 11-year-old patient who initially came with her parents a year ago had scoliosis of 25 degrees in the top spine and 30 degrees in the lower spine.

We designed a scoliosis therapy program that fits into her busy school which involved one 1 hour session a week in the clinic as well as designing a ScolioAlign™ Brace for her scoliosis. Daily exercises were prescribed which involved 15 min once a day at home.

After a year of therapy, her scoliosis is reduced to 11 degrees on the top and only 8 degrees in the lower spine. That’s an amazing 14 degrees and 22 degrees reduction of her scoliosis. Congratulations on the amazing results!

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