Case 96: Female, 17 years old

Xrays before and after 93Busy week and delivered yet another outstanding result for a 17-year-old patient who first came to for therapy end of 2019. We fitted her into a ScolioAlign™ 3D brace which is an over the corrective brace and started her on scoliosis therapy once a week.

She took some break due to exams and lockdown measures but resumed when the clinic opened back again. Now over a year has past and she has completed her program with impressive results. Her lumbar scoliosis first started at 52 degrees and over the year we reduced it to 45 degrees. Visually her back looks more balanced with her hip levels and protrusion improving but more importantly, her confidence and outgoing personality has returned.

We understand these are stressful times but thank you for your commitment during this past year of care.

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