Case 94: Female, 17 years old

Xrays before and after 93It’s motivating to the patients to be able to see visually the improvements to there scoliosis. Today’s post-therapy review is of a 17 year of girl who had been doing Dr Kevin Lau’s non-surgical scoliosis therapy for her lumbar curve.

She completed 24 sessions done once a week and we designed a ScolioAlign™ 3D Brace for her to wear at home. While initially, the mother said it was difficult to motivate the daughter to do her exercises at home or to wear her brace. The before and after images really helped her to understand how the therapy was helping her. This newfound commitment and dedication make it easier for her to stick to the program.

Congratulations on the amazing effort you have put in as we continue to work on getting better results.

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