Case 67: Female, 25 years old

Xrays before and after 67Just received a follow up email from my patient from my 25 year old patient from the Philippines. She had completed the 5 days intensive program and it has been 6 months since we saw her.

She wrote: “I am actually quite shocked to see my back flatter. I’ve never seen it this straight. And before I took the photo I was actually kinda worried because I haven’t been consistently exercising this past few weeks due to my hectic schedule. But seeing the results after everything that I did to change my lifestyle is just amazing. I just can’t thank you enough doc for making me believe that i could heal my spine naturally. Here’s a better look at the comparison. I just can’t believe my eyes!!! This is just a month apart!”

We are happy to see such amazing results and thank you for your trust in Dr Kevin Lau therapy. Most specialist say there is nothing you can do when your an adult with scoliosis but you have proven them all wrong.

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