Case 42: Female, 24 years old

Xrays before and after 42 ENThis week we bring you another great result for a 24 year old female who came for scoliosis therapy. She was diligently coming during her lunch break from raffles place and after 3 months x-rays showed her “C” shaped scoliosis reduced form 70 degrees to 58 degrees! This was done without surgery of bracing as well.

Dr Kevin Lau tailors each individual therapy to suit the lifestyle of the person. Even if your a busy student or working full time. Avoiding spinal surgery is possible under the right care and is ultimately better in the long term. As surgery only addresses the aesthetic nature and does not improve the person’s quality of life.

Being the leading non-surgical scoliosis clinic in Singapore. We are proud to see results like this on a daily basis. Dr Kevin Lau makes the so called impossible… possible!