Case 35: Female, 14 years old

Xrays before and after 35 ENFantastic results for one of my local Singaporean patients in her follow up review with a local hospital. Before and after x-ray was taken by a local hospital during their 6 monthly review with HPB (Health Promotion Board). During that period she was diligent with the non-surgical scoliosis therapy recommended to her by Dr Kevin Lau as well as wearing the 3D Brace daily. So happy with the results and glad all x-rays were taken by another hospital doctor.

This week I had an unsettling case where one of my patients mother was “told off” at by a specialist doctor in a local hospital for why she was using the methods Dr Kevin Lau such as the exercises and 3D Brace. He then recommended she get the Boston brace instead. A lot of doctors are not familiar with the benefits of Dr Kevin Lau’s therapy and mistaken it as regular chiropractic. Dr Kevin Lau’s methods are not standard chiropractic methods and he consistently gets non-surgical improvements with scoliosis as seen above.

It is important that all patients do sufficient research and understand that not all therapy are the same. Make an informed decision and take back control of their own health.