Case 26: Female, 14 years old

Xrays-before-and-after-26-ENThis post therapy result is from a 14 year old Singaporean girl who did the 3 month therapy with us. Before the therapy with Dr Kevin Lau the specialist in the hospital measured her scoliosis at 41° on in the upper curve and 35° for the lower curve. The parents were told that surgery will probably be required and after hearing this they did some further research online about non-surgical therapy for scoliosis. That’s when they booked a consultation with me. After 3 months with therapy and home exercises the xray’s report came back and the results were great. Top curve reduced to 34° and lower curve is now 30°. The parents are happy as curves under 40 degrees don’t require surgery!

Thank you to the child who committed and worked hard to get the improvement. Also to the parents for letting us share their excellent results with everyone.