Case 24: Female, 11 years old

Xrays-before-and-after-24-ENGreat results for my overseas patient from Inodnesia. This 11 year old girl came 6 months ago to get a 3D Brace fitted for her and today we did her follow up x-rays after 6 months. Results showed an improvement in her curvature in both the top and bottom curve. Being an over-corrective brace its main goal for the wearer is to get the maximum corrective effect. The middle x-ray is what the brace did to her spine when she wears it, pushing it into a near perfect alignment. However the most important value is when the brace is off and the resultant effects on the spine. Top curve went from 35 to 30 degrees and bottom curve from 42 to 33. She did not do the scoliosis therapy or any prescribed exercises which explains why the results are less. However any amount of correction is still something to celebrate.

Typically I would recommend a 5 days intensive program for overseas patients along with them continuing the program back home with the brace for the optimal results.