Case 137: Female 10 years old

Meet an extraordinary 10-year-old girl from Batam who faced an incredible challenge head-on. Struggling with severe scoliosis, her spine had an alarming 46-degree curve. But she embarked on a transformative journey that has left us in awe.

With unwavering determination, she embraced the ScolioAlign brace, despite initial concerns from Dr. Kevin Lau about its sideways appearance. For six months, she wore it with dedication, believing in the power of healing and resilience.

Today, the results are astounding! Her once-tilted body and pelvis have regained balance, and her back is visibly more symmetrical. More importantly her latest xray show her scoliosis is now only 18 degrees! Let her journey serve as a beacon of hope and encouragement to others facing their own battles. Believe in your strength, and trust that every step forward counts.

Congratulations on this remarkable transformation! You’ve shown us all the incredible power of determination. 💪🌟

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