Case 125: Female 11year old

Xrays before and after 125Most doctors will tell you scoliosis cannot be cured. The results of today’s study demonstrate that scoliosis can be corrected without surgery. The amazing results from an 11-year-old Indian girl we began seeing 6 years ago. She had been prescribed a ScolioAlign brace and did the intensive scoliosis program in 2017 and continued with the therapy back home.

Due to COVID, she was unable to get a replacement brace and had outgrown it 2 years ago. Once borders opened for travel this year, they planned to fly to Singapore to get a new brace, but when an x-ray was taken, her spine was straight! As a result, her upper curve of 15 degrees and her lower curve of 25 degrees dropped down to 0 degrees, effectively eliminating her scoliosis. We are proud of her for achieving the seemingly impossible.

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