Case 108: Female, 24years old

Xrays before and after 93A question we commonly asked is, “can you correct scoliosis even if you are an adult?” The answer is yes! An adult spine is not as flexible as a teenager which means correction tends to be less but still possible. Having realistic goals in your scoliosis therapy is important.

Today we show the before and after results of a 24-year-old lady who chose to do Dr Kevin Lau therapy of once a week therapy along with the ScolioAlign brace. The x-ray showed that her spine even as an adult is still quite flexible with the curve going from 49 degrees to 18 degrees! That’s over 50 per cent in-brace correction which is an amazing result.

We look forward to seeing the post-therapy x-ray results to see what her scoliosis has achieved out of the brace. However for now we congratulate her on the positive improvements achieved in only 1 month.

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