Case 101: Female, 16years old

Xrays before and after 93Today we did a patient review for a 16-year-old girl who started therapy in August 2020 and finished December 2020. It’s always impressive to see such good visual improvements in such a short amount of time. She did the scoliosis therapy with Dr Kevin Lau along with diligently wearing the ScoliAlign™ 3D brace at home.

When comparing the posture images of August and December we see that the right rib hump has reduced and the shoulders are more balanced. Her body was leaning to the right in August and was more centred in December. As always in our clinic, x-rays were taken along with the posture analysis and it showed her scoliosis reduced from 25 degrees to 16 degrees!

Congratulations on the amazing results. Thanks to her and her mum for allowing us to use her pictures and share her story.

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