Scoliosis Surgery Handbook

Scoliosis Surgery Handbook

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An In-Depth and Unbiased Look Into What to Expect Before and During Scoliosis Surgery.

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The Complete Scoliosis Surgery Handbook for Patients Trailer

An In-Depth and Unbiased Look Into What to Expect Before and During Scoliosis Surgery

Scoliosis surgery doesn’t have to be a daunting, problematic and anxiety-ridden experience. In fact, with the proper information, advice and knowledge you can have the ability to make confident and informed decisions about the best and most suitable treatment options.

Dr. Kevin Lau’s latest book will help you to discover current and crucial information that will guide you in making informed decisions about your future spinal health.

You will:

  • Learn more about the details of scoliosis surgery – Including understanding components of the surgery itself such as why the rods put inside in your body during surgery (fusion) are meant to remain there.
  • Uncover the sobering facts – For instance, you will learn that after surgery, there is a chance you may not return to full normalcy, in appearance or in activity level.
  • Discover the factors that determine your long-term prognosis, including detailed case studies.
  • Learn how to properly evaluate the risks associated with the many types of scoliosis surgery.
  • Get great tips on how to afford your surgery and how to choose the best time, place and surgeon for your needs.
  • Discover Over 100 illustrations to help make it as easy to read and understand.

Dr. Kevin Lau has made it his life’s work to explore, investigate and share the truths about nutrition, diseases and healing. In The Complete Scoliosis Surgery Handbook for Patients, Dr. Lau explores the ins and outs of the scoliosis including the condition itself, surgery, and when a patient would benefit most from surgery. Dr. Lau reveals poignant and life-changing wisdom that no scoliosis sufferer should go without. Treat this book as your best friend and your guide on the journey to effective spinal health.

This book is a compilation of the wisdom of many spinal professionals, including surgery physicians, orthopedic doctors, physiotherapists and chiropractors and includes valuable insights from real-life sufferers. Carefully examining each treatment avenue a patient may consider, it allows individuals to feel confident and informed throughout the decision making process.

While Dr. Lau believes in and teaches non-surgical practices, he acknowledges the many benefits of scoliosis surgery and strives to keep his readers and patients educated about every viable avenue for effective scoliosis treatment.

What You Will Discover:

  • Affording Your Surgery – Learn about the different costs associated with scoliosis surgery and find out what factors determine the final price, such as age, health and the severity of your curve.
  • 7 Questions To Ask Yourself – The truth is that while surgery is suitable to some patients, it isn’t necessarily right for all. Consider these seven simple questions to help you determine if surgery is your best option.
  • Factors That Contribute to the Progression of Scoliosis – Did you know that heredity, injury or genetic markers aren’t the only things that can spur your condition on? Simple factors like vitamin deficiencies, elevated enzyme levels and hormone levels can all contribute to a worsening of your scoliosis. Find out what you can do to minimize the risk of these factors and learn how your imbalances may be affecting your condition.
  • Possible Complications – Surgery is a big decision and does not come without the risk of complications. Sometimes the complications are minor, like longer recovery times, but sometimes they can be life threatening or debilitating. Find out what factors lead to complications, how to minimize possible problems and how professionals go about testing you for these complications during surgery.
  • Returning to a Normal Life – Likely the biggest question on a patient’s mind is “When will I return to normal?” Learn from real case studies, the successes and hardships surgery patients encounter on the road to a normal, healthy life.

Making an informed decision is the best way to ensure any success, and mental preparation is at least as important as the surgery itself. Knowing what to expect and how to mitigate the loss of money, time and effort will help you build a stable emotional foundation, minimizing fear, anxiety and surprises along the way. We all feel better knowing what to expect and this book will help you feel prepared, knowledgeable and in control.

Table of the contents

Part One — Overview if the Disease Part Two — The Road to Surgery
Chapter 1 — What is Scoliosis? Chapter 11 — Money Management – The Big Hole in Your Pocket
Chapter 2 — What Causes Scoliosis? Chapter 12 — Choosing the Time, Hospital and Surgeon
Chapter 3 — Types of Scoliosis Chapter 13 — Preparing for Your Surgery
Chapter 4 — Recognizing the Disease Chapter 14 — Use of Anesthesia
Chapter 5 — Detection and Diagnosis Chapter 15 — Types of Surgery
Chapter 6 — Degree of Severity Chapter 16 — Your Surgeon’s Armaments and Instruments
Chapter 7 — March of the Curve Chapter 17 — In the Operation Theatre
Chapter 8 — Your Treatment Options Chapter 18 — Surgery – The Actual Procedure
Chapter 19 — Possible Complications – What Could Go Wrong
Chapter 20 — Surgery – Your 50 Most Important FAQs
Final Words References Index

Foreword by an Orthopaedic Doctor

The human race is at its perplexing and unnerving best today. The scramble for the zenith was never that intense as it is now. With the mechanism as God has gifted, modern medicine and science continues to endeavor its way through the world of research, discoveries and amazing inventions. To be a befitting part of this scenario, contribute to it effectively and gain from it as desired, it is imperative for the mind and body to be in perfect form. Disease and infirmities are an integral part of our lifestyle, especially owing to the inadvertent, unhealthy constituents and boons of modern life.

When it comes to the impact of our occupational and lifestyle hazards on our existence, it is our body, the physical and biological mechanism created by God that perhaps takes the maximum impact.

And form thereon comes the disastrous toll on the component that literally holds up our body straight. Recent research showed that back problems including scoliosis are fast becoming the most oft-reported reason for fatal illnesses in the US.

The Complete Scoliosis Surgery Handbook for Patients is an effort to understand the mechanics of the human spine in a crystal clear fashion. It is a comprehensive volume on scoliosis, one of the most common deformities of the spine. The distortion and disruption caused by the deformity is discussed threadbare along with other related dimensions. The author has laid out all the essential aspects of the deformity in a step-wise method for the reader to understand and correlate with their own lives. From why does the curve happen in the first place, to assessing its severity, analyzing the modes of treatment and finally to the specifics of the spinal corrective surgery, the publication covers it all.

Dr. Siddhant Kapoor, M.B.B.S, D.N.B.

Orthopaedic Surgeon

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