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Scoliosis Correction Program

Design a customised exercise program for your scoliosis

This program provides a beginning practice for most people with scoliosis based upon a proven method that focuses on lengthening the spine, stretching muscles that have become tight and strengthening those that have become weak. Focused attention is placed on de-rotating the spine and ribs, while overall creating more balance and harmony in the body.

Through this practice, people with scoliosis can take charge of their own back to achieve better posture while decreasing back pain and discomfort.

What have the studies shown about corrective exercise for scoliosis?

  • Curves can be reduced up to 32%
  • Pain can be reduced.
  • Lung capacity and chest expansion can improve.
  • Untreated scoliosis progresses up to 2.9 times more than those in a corrective exercise program.
  • Those undergoing a corrective exercise program have 24-48% fewer spine fusions than those who do not.
  • Corrective exercise reduces pain post-spinal fusion and stabilizes segments above and below the fusion.
  • Exercise can ease the transition from brace-wearing to non-brace-wearing, strengthening the muscles so that the spine will not revert to the previous degree of curvature once the brace is no longer worn.
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Learn This 3 Step Formula to Straighten Your Scoliosis

Step 1: Identify the Cause

The first thing you need to do is identify the biochemical and structural imbalances that have created your scoliosis. You can easily do this with the help of a series of “self assessments” outlined in this book.

Step 2: Manage the Symptoms of Scoliosis

While a majority of patients do not manifest any symptoms of pain early on, these gradually become evident as the disease advances, or as you age. You can’t correct the problem if your pain is so severe that you can’t move a muscle. This book will reveal various strategies with the help of which you can reduce and manage your pain so that you remain focused on correcting the underlying dysfunction(s) that are the main cause of your scoliosis.

Step 3: Fix the Cause and Condition

Next, you will learn how to fix the cause of your scoliosis by correcting your body chemistry and structural imbalances while following a nutritional and exercise plan that is tailored to your particular condition.

A Completely Natural, Safe, Tried and Tested

What’s more, it’s completely tailored to your spine and metabolic needs!


  • Uncover the most recent research on the true causes of scoliosis
  • Discover how bracing and surgery merely the symptom not the root cause of scoliosis
  • Find out what latest therapies work, what doesn’t and why
  • Discover how lack of proper nutrition creates illness in our bodies and affects the normal growth of the spine
  • Customize an exercise routine unique to your scoliosis to suit even the busiest schedule
  • Find out what to expect from your doctor and/ or another healthcare professional
  • Full illustration, tables and lists for easy comprehension and understanding
  • Learn from others with scoliosis in inspirational stories and case studies