Neck 3D Ambulatory Traction


Neck 3D Ambulatory Traction


An entirely new three dimensional traction technique being used for the management of the severe and chronic neck pain is by the means of an ambulatory traction device called Cervico 2000. It is an efficient device that aims for the actual cause of the pain and makes it go away. Cervico 2000 has been known to greatly heal the disorders by performing a decompression on cervical spine, reduce the pain from the injuries such as the herniated disc, torticollis and whiplash.

In order to satisfy the patient needs Cervico 2000 is designed to be independent and self-sufficient so that it is different from the ordinary neck braces and wall mounted devices.

One of the great ability of the Cervico 2000 is that, both symmetric and asymmetric traction to the cervical spine can be conducted.

Benefits and Advantages:

Shorter sessions: With Cervico 2000 the therapy sessions are fairly easy and shorter than former conventional methods. It takes average 15-20 mins per day. Due to the quite shorter therapy sessions the patients are not bounded and can easily cope up with their life activities and routine.

Complete Freedom of Movement:

To attain fast recovery the patients are allowed and encouraged to move and perform simple activities and exercises and be mobile during the therapy.

Indications for use:

  • Discogenic disorder, osteoarthritis or degeneratives changes in the cervical spine can cause neck pain.
  • The road accidents which don’t involve breakage and displacement of the bones can result in whiplash injuries.
  • Torticollis caused by rheumatic or muscular contraction or torticollis with neurological signs.
  • Using computer for long, sewing and jobs of secretaries and clerks can result in neck pain.
  • Sport injuries that doesn’t involve the breakage and displacement of bones.