A Unique Scoliosis Healthcare Franchise Opportunity

Health In Your Hands –Scoliolife Systems

Established by Dr Kevin Lau, an industry leader amongst scoliosis specialists and one of the leading authorities worldwide on scoliosis exercise and nutritional based treatments, Health in Your Hands – Scoliolife Systems(HIYH) is a professional scoliosis clinic and programme with a series of tools for scoliosis prevention and treatment. We focus on:

  • A completely natural and safe approach to treating scoliosis.
  • A holistic diet and exercise programme with no drugs or surgery.
  • A safer and more effective alternative to the conventional bracing and surgery that is usually recommended.
  • Improving and maintaining spinal health, increasing energy and normalising weight.
  • Educating scoliosis sufferers to take a more proactive approach to their conditions.
  • Empower them with the tools for taking care of their scoliosis through their lives.

Advantages of Joining as a Health in Your Hands Franchisee

You can now leverage on this established scoliosis business model with a great potential for high returns to maximise your profits and bring your healthcare business to the next level!

With a booming healthcare market, a rapidly aging population and more and more people seeking non-invasive alternatives to Western medicine, this is certainly a market not to be ignored. Helmed by Dr Kevin Lau, a world leader in scoliosis prevention and treatment, the advantages of the Health In Your Hands franchise are obvious:

  • Better brand recognition under the leadership of Dr Kevin Lau, who is also the founder of a series of tools for scoliosis prevention and treatment, including 5 best-selling scoliosis books (in 9 languages), 1 scoliosis exercise DVD (in 9 languages) and 2 innovative scoliosis measurement apps on iOS and Android (Scoliotrack and Scoliometer).
  • Access to a world-class, non-surgical scoliosis treatment that has been specially designed by Dr Lau, who have studied the most effective non-surgical scoliosis treatments around the world and perfected it into his own exclusive and comprehensive approach to scoliosis treatment.
  • A more efficient and quicker business ramp-up time for a potentially higher and faster return on investment with our lower build out costs.

The Health In Your Hands Franchise Support System:

Enjoy consistent and sustainable profits with access to a world-class franchise support system that includes:

  • An automated and proven operational and technology system that has been developed and refined continuously, making it easier for you to just take over and ramp it up rapidly.
  • Professional franchise training that includes hiring, operations, marketing and client acquisition, software operations and financial procedures.
  • Support of an operations team that can answer any day-to-day questions whenever you need.
  • Support of a dedicated marketing and PR team with powerful marketing and branding tools to support you in promotions and campaigns.
  • Overall support of a solid team that is always looking out for you and is aware of the various changes within the industry.

A Business Model that is Suitable for All Types of Investors

The Health In Your Hands franchise is suitable for everyone, including working professionals, existing business owners or entrepreneurs. Types of investors that can benefit from our franchise include:

  • Professionals from the healthcare industry who have just started their career but might be intimidated by the idea of starting a business from scratch.
  • Existing clinic owners who feel that they have reached a stage of stagnation in their businesses.
  • Hospitals or clinic owners looking to add more treatment options for their scoliosis patients.
  • Franchise entrepreneurs who want to add another profitable business model to their existing investment portfolio.

This is where the Health In Your Hands franchise can help ease you into the new business model easily, letting you add to an existing clinic or even create a brand new one to specialise in scoliosis.

As we continue our expansion, all our franchisees will get to enjoy a level of recognition that will significantly increase your profits and heighten your presence in the market. Potential investors will be relieved to know that our business systems are already firmly in place so that you can just focus on delivering the best care to your patients.

If you’re excited by the generous profits that the Health In Your Hands franchise can bring and as passionate as us about bringing natural, effective and quality healthcare to your community, just fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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