Case 78: Female, 15 years old

Xrays before and after 78 This post x-ray review shows a 15-year-old girl who came in with lumbar scoliosis which was already recommended surgery from the hospital overlooking at her case. The parents did their own research and found Dr. Kevin Lau’s non-surgical approach.

A ScolioAlign™ 3D Brace and weekly treatment in the clinic was recommended for 3 months. The above x-ray was taken in the hospital monitoring her case and the specialist was surprised that he didn’t need to recommend surgery anymore!

Her scoliosis had reduced from 42 degrees to 28 degrees in 3 months! This result could only have been due to the girl being hard working and diligent with the scoliosis exercises along with using the brace. If you have already tried the brace recommended in the hospital or told to wait-and-see understand that there are better alternatives!

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