Case 76: Female, 24 years old

Xrays before and after 76 Good results for a 24-year-old patient who had a 56-degree curve. For years she had been doing yoga and group classes for exercises to help with her pain and discomfort but the scoliosis was not improving. In fact, it was steadily worsening over the years by 1 degree per year.

As she had done a few treatments in the past in Malaysia when she was younger she was cautious about the non-surgical treatment offered by Dr Kevin Lau. She initially started the program with only 12 sessions and wanted to be monitored by her orthopedic doctor. After fabricating her the ScolioAlign brace and doing the 12 sessions she went back to the specialist for an x-ray.

To the doctor and her surprise, her scoliosis had improved from 56 degrees to 49 degrees. When looking at the x-rays you can see the scoliosis is more centered and straighter. Her neck is in better alignment and not tilted over to one side. Aesthetically her back looks better and the pain she used to feel improved too. She continued further with the recommended number of sessions after the positive results with Dr Kevin Lau.

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