Case 139: Male 12 years old

A 12-year-old boy and his parents came to ScolioLife seeking treatment for his scoliosis. Upon examination by Dr. Kevin Lau, the boy’s scoliosis curvature was measured at 30 degrees to the right. Concerned about the condition’s progression, they decided to embark on a treatment journey with ScolioLife to address the issue.

The treatment plan developed by Dr. Lau involved weekly sessions, during which the boy received personalized scoliosis therapy, including specific exercises tailored to his condition. Additionally, a ScolioAlign brace was created for the boy to wear as part of his treatment regimen. This comprehensive approach aimed to halt the progression of his scoliosis and achieve curvature reduction.

Over time, the effectiveness of the treatment became evident. Not only did the boy achieve the desired correction of his scoliosis, but his curvature overcorrected by an impressive 15 degrees to the left, showcasing the program’s success.

With this extraordinary outcome, Dr. Lau and the ScolioLife team recognized the need to adjust the treatment program to suit the boy’s new and improved condition. This case serves as yet another testament to the effectiveness of ScolioLife’s scoliosis treatment approach and underscores the transformative impact it can have on the lives of young patients.

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