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About ScolioLife Method of Scoliosis Treatment

ScolioLife™ aims to empower scoliosis patients with the knowledge and tools to prevent and correct scoliosis through all stages of life. Developed by Dr Kevin Lau, the company’s main ethos is to create, share and promote strategies that utilize state of the art technology, for optimal scoliosis health and balanced living.

About Dr Kevin Lau
Dr. Kevin Lau is a pioneer in the field of non-surgical scoliosis correction he has treated thousands of scoliosis patients who visit him from around the world. He combines university education in Doctor of Chiropractic and Masters in Holistic Nutrition with a commitment to practicing natural and preventive medicine. Dr. Lau aims to empower scoliosis patients with the knowledge and tools to prevent and correct scoliosis through all stages of life.

Holistic Approach
Dr. Kevin Lau has had the good fortune of studying the most effective non-surgical treatments for scoliosis such as Chiropractic, Clear Methods, the Schroth Method, Yoga, Bracing and various other techniques around the world. With the help of his expertise and experience, he has combined these into his unique and EXCLUSIVE approach to treating scoliosis called ScolioLife™ System. This new approach is both comprehensive in treating the scoliosis as well as holistic in treating the whole body.

Correcting the Alignment of Spine
Effectively utilizing nutritional support principles along with the combination of both static and dynamic scoliosis equipment, his approach towards treating scoliosis is regarded as first of its kind. Many studies conducted recently on the causes of scoliosis have revealed that scoliosis patients normally show signs of the presence of neurotransmitter (brain chemical) imbalances which appear to be common among these scoliosis patients. These neurotransmitters are in fact, directly related to your spine’s reflex control mechanism and affect the alignment of the spine. The focus of Dr. Lau’s unique ScolioLife™ treatment is to rebalance these with the aim of correcting the imbalances.

Mission Goals of Scoliosis Care

  • Identifying Primary and Compensatory Scoliosis Curvatures as well as the root cause of the scoliosis. For example, is the root cause a neurological condition involving the oculo-vestibular system, the neck, the mid-back, or the lower back and pelvis? Identifying the root cause is a key to creating the best and most effective curvature reduction treatment plan.
  • Preventing scoliosis curvature(s) from worsening.
  • Reducing scoliosis curvature(s) and restoring normal lordosis and kyphosis curvatures of the neck, mid-back, and lower back
  • Maintaining curvature reduction and improving motion, flexibility, and strength to the joints, discs, muscles, and vertebrae of the spine.

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