Case 32: Female, 28 years old

Xrays before and after 32 ENThis before and after x-ray is from a 28 year old patient who had just finished 3 months of therapy along with using the 3D Brace. Correction is harder in adults than kids however not impossible as this shows. Her lumber scoliosis went from 40 degrees to 33 degrees after 3 months.

Dr Kevin Lau regularly treats patient of all ages. Utilising exercises, nutrition and 3D Brace in a tailored and individualised program. Were you told that bracing was only for youths? Yes, this is true for all the older style of braces such as spinecor, boston and scoliobrace. However the 3D Brace used by Dr Kevin Lau is the ONLY brace on the market which can be successfully used for adults to achieve good aesthetic improvements.

Your never too old to start taking care of your scoliosis!