Case 128: Female 14 years Old

Xrays before and after 128Today’s results are from a 14-year-old girl whose mother was concerned about her posture and back. An x-ray revealed mild scoliosis in her neck measured at 17-degrees and a 15-degree curve in her lower back. Due to her mild condition, she was recommended to see Dr Kevin Lau once a week and to do exercises at home between sessions. There is no need for bracing on a curve as mild as hers.

We took an x-ray and a picture of her back after six months, and the results were amazing. Compared to before, her back looks more balanced, with her shoulders and hips looking more symmetrical. Furthermore, both curves are now under 10 degrees, so she does not have scoliosis!

This highlights the importance of treating your scoliosis no matter how mild.

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