Case 127: Female 12 years Old

Xrays before and after 127Today’s results are from a 12-year-old girl whose scoliosis was worsening each year until her mother brought her to see Dr Kevin Lau. The specialists told her that there was nothing they could do to correct her scoliosis.

Instead of following what was told, she decided to try the ScolioLife Method, which combines a once-a-week treatment with home exercises and a brace made from ScolioAlign. After 6 months her results have shown both curves reduced with the thoracic going from 31 to 24 degrees and the lumbar reducing from 29 to 19 degrees. That’s almost a 10-degree improvement in scoliosis.

Congratulations on your amazing results and the hard work you put in to achieve them. Dr Kevin Lau’s unique approach to treating scoliosis and his patients’ trust are the keys to success like this.

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