X-ray Before & After

Case 131: Female 13 years old

Xrays before and after 131Meet a young girl from Singapore who, at just 13 years old, has already shown remarkable strength and determination in her battle against scoliosis. Despite regular check-ups every 6 months at the hospital, her condition continued to worsen. This is when the parents started to explore other options and found Dr. Kevin Lau's clinic. By that time her upper back was already curved at 55 degrees. But with the help of the ScolioAlign Brace and consistent weekly treatment at ScolioLife and home exercises, we are thrilled to see positive changes in her scoliosis and appearance in just 6 months. This young girl is a true inspiration, proving that with dedication and the right support, scoliosis can be corrected!

Case 130: Female 13 years old

Xrays before and after 130This is a comparison of a 13 year old girl with a 38 degree scoliosis who came to our clinic. Before therapy, you can see that her back is uneven, with the right waist looking unbalanced when compared to the left. ScolioAlign™ 3D brace and once-a-week therapy with Dr Kevin Lau have improved the waist's appearance after six months along with correcting her scoliosis to 32 degrees.

This young girl has a newfound confidence and is empowered to manage her scoliosis on her own. Our congratulations go out to her on a successful correction.

Case 129: Female 16 years old

Xrays before and after 129It is not only severe curves that we treat, but also mild curves as well. It is common for specialists to tell patients that nothing can be done, which causes patients to wait until the scoliosis gets worse or requires surgery before they seek alternative treatment.

It is always easier to treat mild curvatures than severe ones, and sometimes, like with this patient, we can finally get their scoliosis straightened so they don't have it anymore. Instead of waiting for her daughter's curve to worsen, this 16-year-old girl's mother sought help for her daughter's condition with Dr Kevin Lau. A session a week for 6 months was all it took to eliminate scoliosis without bracing.

Case 128: Female 14 years Old

Xrays before and after 128Today's results are from a 14-year-old girl whose mother was concerned about her posture and back. An x-ray revealed mild scoliosis in her neck measured at 17-degrees and a 15-degree curve in her lower back. Due to her mild condition, she was recommended to see Dr Kevin Lau once a week and to do exercises at home between sessions. There is no need for bracing on a curve as mild as hers.

We took an x-ray and a picture of her back after six months, and the results were amazing. Compared to before, her back looks more balanced, with her shoulders and hips looking more symmetrical. Furthermore, both curves are now under 10 degrees, so she does not have scoliosis!

This highlights the importance of treating your scoliosis no matter how mild.

Case 127: Female 12 years Old

Xrays before and after 127Today's results are from a 12-year-old girl whose scoliosis was worsening each year until her mother brought her to see Dr Kevin Lau. The specialists told her that there was nothing they could do to correct her scoliosis.

Instead of following what was told, she decided to try the ScolioLife Method, which combines a once-a-week treatment with home exercises and a brace made from ScolioAlign. After 6 months her results have shown both curves reduced with the thoracic going from 31 to 24 degrees and the lumbar reducing from 29 to 19 degrees. That's almost a 10-degree improvement in scoliosis.

Congratulations on your amazing results and the hard work you put in to achieve them. Dr Kevin Lau's unique approach to treating scoliosis and his patients' trust are the keys to success like this.

Case 126: Female

Xrays before and after 126Results after only 6 months of once-a-week treatment with Dr Kevin Lau using the ScolioLife method and the ScolioAlign brace. Her lower back scoliosis was already 65 degrees, making her case particularly severe. Her x-rays showed a 48-degree angle following treatment, which is an excellent 17-degree correction of her scoliosis.

Her posture analysis shows her hips are more balanced, with the right hip not protruding as much. In addition, her waistline appears more symmetrical, although her scoliosis is still 48 degrees, so there will still be some imbalances we need to address. I congratulate you on your excellent results!

Case 125: Female 11year old

Xrays before and after 125Most doctors will tell you scoliosis cannot be cured. The results of today's study demonstrate that scoliosis can be corrected without surgery. The amazing results from an 11-year-old Indian girl we began seeing 6 years ago. She had been prescribed a ScolioAlign brace and did the intensive scoliosis program in 2017 and continued with the therapy back home.

Due to COVID, she was unable to get a replacement brace and had outgrown it 2 years ago. Once borders opened for travel this year, they planned to fly to Singapore to get a new brace, but when an x-ray was taken, her spine was straight! As a result, her upper curve of 15 degrees and her lower curve of 25 degrees dropped down to 0 degrees, effectively eliminating her scoliosis. We are proud of her for achieving the seemingly impossible.

Case 124: Male 10years Old

Xrays before and after 124Today's excellent results are from a 12-year-old boy close to reaching the scoliosis surgical threshold of 40+ degrees. His dad was concerned and google any alternatives to what the surgeon recommended and found Dr Kevin Lau's ScolioLife treatment. In a short 6 months of treatments and home exercises his scoliosis reduced from 38 degrees to 29 degrees. We congratulate him on his hard work in achieving such good results in such a short period of time and look forward to more to come.

Case 122: Female 12years Old

Xrays before and after 93The ages of 10-16 years of age are some of the most crucial periods for someone with scoliosis as it is when the curve can progress the most. That's why it's always recommended to not wait until the curve gets worst but to be proactive even when it is mild. Today's xrays results are from a girl who saw us at 12 years of age with scoliosis of 43 degrees. She was recommended surgery but the mum was keen to avoid it so found Dr Kevin Lau.

After 2 years of weekly treatments and using the ScolioAlign Brace we are happy to report her daughter's scoliosis is not in the surgical range at 32 degrees. Thank you for the hard work and commitment demonstrated for such great results.

Case 123: Female 12years Old

Xrays before and after 93Creating a more balanced body is the goal of ScolioLifes Treatment for scoliosis. Dr Kevin Lau designs the program to address the degree of the curvature and how it looks aesthetically. In the process, we are able to get results which can be seen. This 12-year-old girl came to use with a curve in the upper back which caused her body to lean to the right. Her right shoulder came out more due to a rib hump protrusion caused by scoliosis. After 6 months of treatment you can see her body more centred and the back more balanced.