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Unique orthopedic, scoliosis support pillow that consists of multiple density memory foam, that are strategically combined and individually hand assembled, to provide ideal spinal corrective support, in all sleeping positions.

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Pillow Designed Especially for Those with Scoliosis

Are you looking for a pillow that can help alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by scoliosis? Look no further! Our orthopedic pillow is specifically designed to provide the necessary support and comfort to those with scoliosis.

Made with high-quality memory foam, this pillow contours to the natural curvature of your spine, providing customized support to the areas that need it most. The unique shape of the pillow also helps to properly align your neck and spine, reducing pressure on the muscles and joints.

In addition to providing support, our pillow is also designed with comfort in mind. The soft, breathable cover keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the night, so you can get a good night’s sleep.

Whether you’re looking to alleviate pain or just want to improve your overall sleep comfort, our orthopedic pillow is the perfect choice. Try it out today and experience the difference for yourself!

It means better sleep and healthier spine!

  • For those with scoliosis and suitable for all ages.
  • Posture correcting, spinal support pillow for back and side sleepers.
  • Back and neck pain relief for back and side sleepers.
  • Supports corrective spinal alignment.
  • Facilitates spinal healing as you sleep.
  • Improves neck posture like forward head postures while you sleep.

Sleep Positions:

The Ideal Pillow for Every Sleepers

Side Sleeping

Our higher contour side can fill the inter-space between your head and the mattress, relieves your pressure on the shoulder, and keeps your body spine properly aligned.

Back Sleeping

The lower contour side of the pillow will be suitable for back sleepers. This height can help your head and cervical spine on the same level to ensure smooth breathing throughout the night.

Stomach Sleeping

Stomach sleepers should look for a pillow that’s soft and compressible with a lower height, our lower profile could be ideal for you, reducing the possibility of a neck strain.

Pillow Fabrics:

Washable Breathable Pillowcase

ScolioPillow has a luxuriously soft feel made of breathable materials. It is very easy to clean, machine washable.

Comfortable and Soft Material

All materials are chemical-free for better health. Hypoallergenic rayon/polyester proprietary blend pillowcase feels silky soft and smooth.

Premium Rebound Memory Foam Pillow

ScolioPillow pillow slow rebound pressure pillow is super comfortable and provides better air circulation to keep you cool. It is completely made of pure memory foam.


Instructions for Effective Use of ScolioPillow™

ScolioPillow™ is a specialized pillow designed to help alleviate discomfort and improve sleep for individuals with scoliosis, a condition that affects the spine and can cause discomfort and pain. Here are some general instructions for the effective use of a scoliosis pillow:

  1. Place the pillow under your head, neck, and shoulders while you sleep. The pillow should be positioned so that it supports your natural curvature and aligns your spine in a neutral position.
  2. Experiment with different sleeping positions to find the one that is most comfortable and supportive for you. Some people with scoliosis may find that sleeping on their back or side is more comfortable, while others may prefer sleeping on their stomach.
  3. Use the pillow consistently to see the best results. It may take a few nights to get used to the pillow and find the position that works best for you.

Please use your ScolioPillow™ properly

  • Place the flat side of your pillow down with the 2 contours on the top.
  • If you are using the ScolioPillow™ for the first time then orient the pillow with the lower side of the contour towards the foot of your bed.
  • Use the for 1-2 weeks before moving to the higher side of the contour towards the foot of your bed.
  • This will provide maximum support for your head and neck, regardless of whether you sleep on your side or your back.
  • If you have scoliosis in the neck ideally sleep on the convex side of the spine on the pillow.

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Dimensions 16 × 35 × 16 cm

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