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ScolioInsole™ is a revolutionary solution designed to address the needs of individuals with scoliosis while also providing foot care. This innovative insole combines advanced orthopedic technology with ergonomic design to provide optimal support and comfort. Its unique construction helps alleviate pressure points, correct posture, and improve balance for those with scoliosis.

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Flat Feet Arch Support Orthopedic Insoles for Scoliosis

Are you suffering from a regular stabbing pain in your heel? Or a nagging discomfort every time you walk? A foot injury caused by medical issues can be challenging to deal with. Lucky for you, we’ve got just what you need.

ScolioLife™ is the leading scoliosis designed product provider which offers custom solutions for your feet and knee pain if you have scoliosis. Our ScolioInsole™ are designed to support your foot and leg and help you get in the most comfortable walking position. All our ScolioInsole™ are podiatrist recommended!

With our orthopedic footwear, you can now correct your posture, reduce foot pain, and live a life that’s happier and healthier.

Our goal is to make life easier for people suffering from foot health issues. Enjoy your
day with comfort with ScolioInsole™!


  • Podiatrist Approved
  • Removes Feet & Knees Pain
  • Honey Comb Gel Technology – Enhanced Shock Absorption
  • PVC Double-Layer Arch Support
  • Unparalleled Support
  • Ultimate Breathable and Lightweight Material

Why Choose ScolioInsole™?

Designed For Those with Scoliosis

ScolioInsole™ devices created to help improve the effect of scoliosis on the patient’s feet and legs. In particular, orthotics for scoliosis sufferers are designed to help with proper leg alignment and limit abnormal motion within the body. The change in pressure from your feet can help to limit the progression of scoliosis over time.

Adjustability and Comfort

Spending your day walking or running for hours can leave your feet swollen and tired. ScolioInsole™ are designed with the highest level of comfort and arch support providing lasting comfort on any surface. It allows users to have the best support while working, playing, or training.

Improved Orthotic Technology

ScolioInsole™ have been installed with the best shock absorption technology. It’s also built with good traction and grip so that it conforms to your foot. This helps prevent foot pain and balanc issues that lead to frequent slips and falls.


ScolioInsole™ is podiatrist approved meaning it’s really effective in curing various foot problems. Our collection is reviewed and approved by qualified orthopedic technicians and experts. Rest assured that our products will ensure your feet receives optimal care.

Who Can Use Our ScolioInsole™ Orthopedic Shoes?

ScolioInsole™ are best for people with abnormal foot mechanics and the elderly who have
fragile feet due to physical ailments. Whether you want to treat cracked heels or want to ease
your back and foot pain, our insoles can help!

People who have the following conditions will benefit greatly from ScolioInsole™: Other people who may benefit from the advantages of ScolioInsole™:
Scoliosis People with chronic foot pain
Arthritis Runners and sports enthusiasts
Diabetes Seniors
Flat feet Children with foot deformities
Hammertoes Workers who stand for long periods of time
Plantar fasciitis
Swollen feet

How to Use?

The original insole of shoes are probably removable – take them out.

ScolioInsole™ is designed to be trimmed to the users foot size with easy to follow
markings cut to the designed shoe size of the user.

Spot clean with mild detergent. Do not immerse in water. Air dry.

It's normal that your feet may feel pressure if you haven’t tried any support insole before. Your feet will be adapted gradually after wearing a period of time.

Additional information

Weight 90 g
Dimensions 32 × 10 × 6 cm

L 41 – 46 EU, S 35 – 40 EU


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