From France to Singapore: Lena’s Journey with Scoliosis

9th November 2023 SINGAPORE – Dr Kevin Lau, a leading expert in scoliosis treatment, is delighted to share the inspiring success stories of patients who have travelled from around the world to seek treatment at ScolioLife Clinic in Singapore. These individuals have witnessed remarkable improvements in their scoliosis conditions thanks to Dr. Lau’s comprehensive and personalized approach to treatment.

One such patient, Lena, originally from France, battled double scoliosis for years. Despite attempting treatments in her home country and Germany, she found little success. In 2019, after discovering Dr. Lau’s ground breaking work through one of his books on scoliosis, Lena’s family reached out to him and upon reviewing the x-rays, Dr. Lau offered hope and a clear path forward. The urgency of the situation led Lena and her family to promptly seek treatment leading to Lena and her family embarking on a two-week treatment program at ScolioLife Clinic in Singapore. The results exceeded all expectations, spurring the entire family to make the life-changing decision to relocate to Singapore in 2022 to continue their scoliosis journey under the expert care of Dr. Lau.

The contrast between traditional scoliosis treatments in France and Germany and Dr. Lau’s approach at ScolioLife Clinic was striking. In Europe, scoliosis is primarily addressed surgically, often involving braces followed by operations. Pain management typically relied on medication. The patient’s mental and emotional well-being often took a backseat. Lena attests to the significant shift in approach at ScolioLife Clinic, where a comprehensive treatment plan encompasses a unique brace, tailored nutrition guidance, at-home exercises, weekly clinic sessions, and a focus on mental well-being.

Günther with Scolioalign™ 3D Brace

Lena’s Before & After Scoliosis Treatment Results

Among the aspects that Lena found particularly beneficial was Dr. Lau’s holistic approach to scoliosis. This encompassed not only the physical aspect but also considerations for nutrition and mental well-being. The consistent encouragement received throughout the treatment journey greatly facilitated progress. It is noteworthy that since initiating treatment under the care of Dr. Lau, Lena has experienced a significant reduction in pain, affording her the opportunity to regain a sense of normalcy.

While the journey towards scoliosis treatment at ScolioLife Clinic has been transformative, it has not been without its challenges. Lena recalls adapting to a new dietary regimen as a significant hurdle. The entire family transitioned to a new way of eating, which presented complexities in France. Nonetheless, the benefits have been evident, as demonstrated by the positive impact on Lena’s brother’s recovery when he suffered from a broken foot.

With stories like Lena’s, it is evident that the impact of this innovative approach extends far beyond Singapore’s borders. Dr. Kevin Lau and his team at ScolioLife Clinic continue to be at the forefront of scoliosis treatment, offering patients a holistic and personalized approach to healing.

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