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3D Printed Back Braces for Effective Scoliosis Treatment

The physical condition where the spines curve to either/both sides, is affecting two to three percent of the entire population now.

80% Scoliosis Cases
Are diagnosed before the age of seven, and can be cured with the right treatment.

Known Causes of Scoliosis
👉 Genetic Disorders 👉 Neurological Abnormalities 👉 Spinal Injuries Genetic Conditions.

The treatment for this painful condition can only be decided after the diagnosis by a doctor. And it depends on factors such as the spine condition, patient’s age, and the type of scoliosis.

That said, there is something beneficial for all scoliosis patients at all stages of treatment, a back brace. It helps in the spinal correction procedure and speed up the treatment.

Spinal Back Brace
A scoliosis back brace is a jacket that you can wear around your torso; it covers the area between arms and hips. It straightens the spines and helps in posture correction most effectively and painlessly. The earlier you diagnose and start treatment, the easier treatment will be.

The Discomfort of Spinal Back Brace
Many patients have the opinion that spinal back braces are very uncomfortable. Without proper provision for ventilation, patients even get skin rashes over time. The stiff plastic is painful at times, and the fabric makes the skin chafed. It acts as a medical corset and even alters the natural growth of the patient’s body.

Is There A Solution? Yes, There Is!
3D Printed Back Brace: The Ultimate Support For Scoliosis Patients.

What is 3D Printed Scoliosis Back Brace?
ScolioLife came up with the great idea of the ScolioAlign 3D Printed brace, which is custom made with 3D printers. It covers all the drawbacks of the existing models of scoliosis braces to give you perfect comfort and a correct posture.

Dr Kevin Lau designed the 3D printed back braces to help improve patients’ condition in the most comfortable way possible.

You can customize the brace in a pattern that you please without compromising on comfort. The air vents throughout the brace to keep your skin cool and ventilated.

Perfect Fit
ScolioAllign 3D brace is made with precision 3D printing to give you the perfect fit.
Just can give your measurements, and ScolioAllign prints it with the latest 3D printing technology. Perfect fit, perfect support

For Every Curve Severity
The efficient 3D brace is measured using 3D scan measurement technology to ensure accurate measurement. The ScolioAllign brace is right for slight curves less than 40 degrees and severe curves more than 40 degrees.

Secure and Discrete
The brace also comes with a front closure and clasp grip to ensure that the brace stays in place and does not slide down. It is also light and comfortable to wear under your clothes.

Get your 3D brace
3D Braces designed by Kevin Lau is the right cure for posture correction due to scoliosis. It ensures that your spines do not curve further during the treatment. This 3D comes with all the features that you look for in a brace. From comfort to cure, this is the best brace that you can get for scoliosis.

So, don’t wait to get rid of the scoliosis pain and correct your posture. Get your ScolioAllign 3D back brace now!

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