Case 58: Female, 13 years old

Xrays before and after 58This 13 year old girl came to our clinic 2 years ago. Her curve when she first started was already 45 degrees at 10 years old with the hospital doctor recommending surgery. Her parents wanted to look for a non-surgical option before trying something invasive. Dr Kevin Lau designed a ScolioAlign 3D Brace for her and she started the scoliosis program.

Over 2 years of growth we were able to stabilize her curves. Visual improvements can be seen such as the forward head posture, uneven shoulders and protruding hip. While at 13 she still has a risk of scoliosis progression but with the right treatment we hope to keep her away from spinal surgery.

Congrats on the hard work and commitment shown so far and thank you for letting us share the wonderful results!

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