Case 140: Female 13 years old

Xrays before and after 130In a remarkable case study, we share the incredible progress of a 13-year-old girl who faced a daunting 30-degree C-shaped scoliosis. Her mother’s growing concern stemmed from multiple hospital reviews, each revealing a steady increase in her scoliosis curve.

Seeking an effective, non-surgical solution, she embarked on a transformative journey with Dr. Kevin Lau’s holistic scoliosis program. Over the course of just 6 months, this comprehensive program included weekly sessions, targeted home exercises, and the incorporation of a hypercorrective ScolioAlign brace.

The astonishing outcome: Sarah’s scoliosis was reduced from 30 to an impressive 20 degrees. This not only alleviated her mother’s worries but also renewed hope and well-being for Sarah herself. This case study stands as a testament to the power of dedicated care, personalized treatment, and commitment. Sarah’s journey exemplifies the potential for significant improvement, even in challenging scoliosis cases, through non-invasive methods.