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What Makes Scoliosis Therapy With Dr. Kevin Lau Different?

He has studied the most effective non-surgical scoliosis therapies such as Clear Methods, The Schroth Method, Yoga and various other techniques around the world, and combined them into his own EXCLUSIVE comprehensive and holistic approach to correcting scoliosis.

He has studied the most effective non-surgical scoliosis therapies such as Clear Methods, The Schroth Method, Yoga and various other techniques around the world, and combined them into his own EXCLUSIVE comprehensive and holistic approach to correcting scoliosis.

His is the first scoliosis correction approach that uses nutritional support principles in combination with both static and dynamic scoliosis equipment. Recent clinical studies have shown that certain neurotransmitter (brain chemical) imbalances are commonly found in scoliosis patients. These neurotransmitters are directly related to your spine’s reflex control mechanism which affects your spine’s alignment. Dr Lau‘s therapy focus is to rebalance and correct these. Dr Lau’s successful method of scoliosis reduction produces amazing results using early intervention and manipulation instead of braces and surgery. We believe that while a reduction in physical symptoms will make a huge difference in your life, the right therapy goes even further. It can transform you by putting you back in control of your health, and reminding you that there is always hope. Other treatments focus only on the part of the spine that is curved, but our approach addresses the spine as a whole. By working on balance and weight distribution all the way from the pelvis to the skull, we are able to change the messages sent out by the nervous system. This addresses the root cause of the condition, which leads to results that last – a smaller spinal curve and less pain.

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What Makes Scoliosis Therapy with Dr. Kevin Lau different from all others?

Award Winning Scoliosis Correction Programs

Utilizing Dr. Kevin Lau’s revolutionary approach to scoliosis therapy, we are able to evaluate each scoliosis case based on its unique circumstances. We then customize the care provided to each individual patient, achieving the greatest possible curvature correction WITHOUT the need for a brace or surgery.

Local Scoliosis Correction for Gradual Curve Reduction

Recommended For Patients Who Live In Singapore

For patients who live near Dr. Kevin Lau’s clinic in Singapore and are able to visit frequently for weekly appointments, we offer the option of an Extended Care plan. The Extended Care plan offers essentially the same therapy as the Intensive Care plan except that the patient is seen 2 times per week over the course of 1 – 3 months. The Extended Care option offers the possibility of therapy without the need to miss any time from school or work, as well as the premium benefit of Dr. Kevin Lau personally monitoring your progress on a weekly basis.

Correcting Scoliosis from 42 to 25 Degrees Without Surgery

At just 14 years old, she faced a 45-degree scoliosis curve. Despite recommendations from two specialists, she embarked on an extraordinary journey, triumphing over scoliosis without opting for surgery. Now 19 years old, Isabella shares her inspiring story, recounting how she reduced and maintained her curve from 42 to 25 degrees. Explore her resilience, innovative strategies, and the efficacy of alternative methods in effectively managing this condition.

Overseas Scoliosis Correction for Rapid Curve Reduction

Recommended For Patients Who Live Outside of Singapore

Intensive Scoliosis Therapy is usually recommended for overseas patients, as this therapy provides excellent results in the least amount of time, and with minimal disruption to the daily schedule of the patient and patient’s family. It is comprised of 3-5 days of therapy (not including weekends) with each day’s session lasting up to 4-5 hours and normally totalling about 25 hours of therapy over the course of each week. Following therapy, the patient receives a comprehensive, customized home rehabilitation protocol designed to maintain the gains achieved during the therapy period, promote further gains in correction of spinal curvature, and help increase spinal stability during any upcoming growth spurts.

Lena's Inspiring Story of Moving from France to Singapore

Lena shares her remarkable journey with scoliosis treatment at ScolioLife, from initially being an overseas patient undergoing an intensive two-week program to eventually relocating her entire family to Singapore for extended treatment by Dr. Kevin Lau as a local patient.

Comparisons: Local Care vs. Overseas Care

Local Care (patients living in Singapore)Intensive Care (overseas patients)Boston/Spincor BracingScoliosis Surgery
ResultsGradual reduction of curvature with no side effectsRapid reduction of curvature with no side effectsNo reduction of curveRapid reduction of curvature but with risks of long term side effects
Time1-3 months of clinic therapy time commitment3-5 days of clinic therapy time commitment with home therapy afterShort clinic visits with follow up fitting and x-rays. Wearing the brace for 23 hours every day till spinal maturity (approx. age 17)Long wait time for surgery. Procedure usually takes one day with up to 1 year rehabilitation.
Home TherapySplit between office and at home therapySolely dependent on at home therapyNonePost surgery rehabilitation.
ScheduleMinimal interruption of regular routineShort-term (1-2 week) interruption of regular routine1 – 2 times a year.1 day surgery.
TravelGreater total travel time to and from clinicLess total travel time to and from clinicLocal hospital.Local hospital.

Mission Goals of Scoliosis Care

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